Monday, December 20, 2010

Some Merry Facts about Christmas in Dubai

Merry Facts about Christmas in Dubai. Find more about Christmas shopping in Dubai, parties galore, Pious Soul Searching related information. Read it here to know about Christmas celebrations in Dubai.

If you are boarding your flights to Dubai a day or two before Christmas then brace yourself to witness this emirate in a completely different avatar! In fact, you will be forgiven for thinking that your flight has landed in some Western country rather than the Islamic nation of Dubai. Well, this may be a little exaggeration, but the fact is that Dubai celebrates Christmas with more aplomb than some of the Western nations. Gigantic imported Christmas trees and other Christmas paraphernalia adorn many of the malls and the soft melody of Christmas carols hangs thick in the air. Here are some of the highlights of Christmas celebrations in the spellbinding emirate of Dubai.

Christmas Shopping in Dubai

Dubai is a shopping paradise throughout the year and during festivals the shopping bug becomes all the more potent. Christmas is no exception and one has to step into some of the malls and souks to get bombarded by irresistible festive discounts. In fact, a Christmas in Dubai is a wonderful opportunity to bring home priceless holiday souvenirs for a steal. Visitors can take their pick from the season’s finest collections. With the world famous Dubai Shopping Festival slated to begin from 20th January, 2011, be rest assured that the shopping scene would be frenetically gearing up for the festival and anyone spending Christmas in Dubai would get the full benefit of the extravaganza.

Parties Galore

Dubai is known the world over for its lavish hotels and parties. Experience this earth shattering party fervour by visiting Dubai’s hotels during Christmas and you will leave with unforgettable holiday memories. After all, hotels and other entertainment venues leave no stone unturned to outdo one another in terms of festivities. Dazzling decorations and special mouth watering Christmas feasts are laid out for revellers. Like year after year, 25th December, 2010 to 1st January, 2011 will be one of those times when the celebratory zeal of the party capital of the Middle East will assume humongous proportions.

Some Pious Soul Searching

Many will associate Christmas celebrations in Dubai with endless entertainment, glamour and vanity. Although, there are countless fun things to do, Dubai also offers enough options for the more religiously inclined. Carols are sung in numerous parishes and devotees can attend the morning, afternoon, and midnight masses. A popular place is the St. Frances of Assisi Church. Everyone is permitted to walk into the church for attending the Mass. Another endearing thing about the church is that keeping in line with the true spirit of Christmas; the Church arranges lunch for the poor.

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