Tuesday, December 14, 2010

After Obama it’s Your Turn to Experience India Holidays

India is perhaps the only tourist destination that attracts different kinds of tourists to its beautiful shores. Be it the attractive beaches, holy pilgrimage sites, adventurous expeditions or cultural exploration tours, India holiday packages offers it all.

A land of great diversity, India holidays offer an amazing mixture of experiences for the travellers. Delhi, nation’s political capital, is perhaps the summit of the chaotic Indian charm. The city is a maze of historical architectural wonders that perfectly complement its modern splendours. The city’s food scene is simply legendary with the scrumptious street food stealing the thunder from its urbane, high class dining scene.

Just 200 km from Delhi is the city that holds the biggest pearl in the necklace of world’s most beautiful tourist attractions, the Taj Mahal. This astonishing monument is a marvellous piece of art that baffles and stuns one and all. India holidays are not considered complete unless you visit this magnificent tomb. Not far away is the colourful city of Jaipur, the quintessential Indian city. A mythical place, Jaipur symbolises all you have heard and imagined about India. From big turbaned men to colourful sari clad women to great forts, the city delivers on the promise made by India to its visitors.

Goa is another big attraction that mesmerises tourists with its glamour and beauty. It is the only Indian city that truly reflects the vibrant colours, traditions and cultures of the West. Palm-lined sandy beaches characterize this place full of fun and frolic. The party capital of India, Goa is much relaxed and laid back compared to other uptight and conservative Indian cities.

The beautiful province of Kerala is an integral part of India holidays. Make sure that you choose those Indian holiday packages that incorporate a visit to this lovely land. Grand temples, isolated beaches, lush green gardens, excellent treatment spas and the warmth of locals will certainly transport you to the land of tranquillity and peace.

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