Friday, December 24, 2010

New Year’s Celebrations in Australia – Top Destinations

Parades, New Year Eve’s balls, music shows, celebrity events, theme parties and almost every conceivable form of entertainment becomes a part of New Year celebrations in Australia. Literally, every place becomes a celebratory venue, ranging right from beaches and parklands to people’s drawing rooms and backyards. Anyone catching flights to Australia in the near future should definitely consider the following places for celebrating New Year’s Eve.


The residents of Sydney claim that Sydney is the world’s most liveable city. The city is definitely one place in Australia that beats New Year celebrations any where else in the country. In fact, Sydney is supposed to be the first city in the world to celebrate New Year. Visiting Sydney during New Year makes every penny spent on those flights to Australia absolutely worth it. The fireworks display alone makes for an unforgettable experience and draws scores of tourists. Tens of thousands of fireworks light up the night sky into a shimmering canopy of shooting stars. In fact, the fireworks display is biggest highlight of New Year celebrations in Sydney. Darling Harbour is the main venue of the fireworks displays.


Melbourne welcomes the New Year with a bang. If comedians, DJs, and live bands spice up the night at Birrarung Marr parklands, the Alexandra Gardens bursts with magic shows, dances, and movie screenings. Chilling out at the Waterfront City Piazza in Docklands and picnicking on the Victoria Harbour Promenade are yet other ways to experience New Year celebrations in Melbourne. Absolutely not to be missed are the two fireworks displays, one at 9:15 p.m. and the one at midnight. Melbourne will be a truly rocking place to welcome 2011 during your holidays in Australia.


Anyone planning to take holidays to Adelaide for New Year’s Eve, 2011 is in for a treat. Taking in the sight of the most stunning fireworks display in South Australia from the Elder Park is one of the biggest charms of a New Year celebration in Adelaide. Balmy summer skies, band performances, and innumerable multi-ethnic cuisines set the mood right for some merry dancing. Conjurers and amusement rides exhilarate children and adults alike. Some of the major hotspots for New Year celebrations are the seaside town of Beachport and the Victoria Harbor port. The Pinky Flat’s family fireworks display at 9 p.m. and the Victoria Bridge at midnight are amongst the must witness events of a New Year break in Adelaide.

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