Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Merry Christmas in India at Goa and Kerala

India, being home to a sizeable Christian community is perhaps at its merriest best during Christmas. An endearing part of an Indian Christmas is the diversity, which marks celebrations in different parts of the country. Not only Christians, quite a few people from other communities also make merry as Christmas is a perfectly justified excuse for being happy. After all, who can resist the irresistible spirit of Christmas? In case, you are catching your flights to India sometime before Christmas, here are just two of the places where you can head to for a truly fiery Christmas experience.


Goa and Goans are synonymous with fun and frolic and if it’s Christmas time, celebrations literally shoot up to the heavens above. This erstwhile Portuguese settlement has a very high Christian expat population and a massive colonial hangover. Quite unsurprisingly, Goa is one of the most Westernised places in India and its denizens celebrate Christmas with great aplomb. With Goa also being a red hot holiday destination, many visitors have discovered that a Christmas in India is best experienced in Goa. While hotels, restaurants, and beaches burst with feasting and dancing, the religious angle is also not ignored. In many homes, the ‘nativity scene’ is enacted with cribs being prepared for the baby Jesus. Homes as well as cathedrals and churches are decked up with Poinsettia flowers, while there are many midnight masses and trading of Christmas gifts. With 2011 round the corner, Goa will also be geared up for New Year celebrations, and visitors can anticipate a full solid week of entertainment.


Kerala, or rather ‘God’s own country’ is another charming place for spending one’s Christmas in India. This South Indian state which has recently been ranked by Smart Travel Asia as the number one holiday destination in Asia is home to a considerable Christian population. Planning your Christmas holidays as well as New Year’s Eve 2011 break at Kerala definitely makes for a swell idea. The weather is absolutely divine during this time of the year and a celebratory atmosphere electrifies the environment with the entire community steeped in the colours of the festival. Elaborate celebrations and events are held at various venues and all the usual trappings of Christmas are to be found complete with Christmas cakes, the Crib, Christmas carols, Christmas stars, children awaiting Father Christmas, exchange of gifts, and dazzling fireworks displays.

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