Friday, December 31, 2010

Flights to Trivandrum take One to God's Own Country

Trivandrum is a not to be missed destination for anyone taking cheap flights to India. Be it tremendous natural beauty or astounding historical monuments, Trivandrum crawls with a plethora of excellent sights, sounds, and smells.

Trivandrum makes for one jewel of a holiday destination. Full of intoxicating natural delights like palm fringed beaches, huge tracts of verdant tropical greenery, captivating dream like sunsets, virginal lagoons, and gently sloping hills, Trivandrum captures the imagination. Almost everyone who takes one of those cheap flights to India makes it a point to visit Trivandrum as the destination is amongst the most popular places in Asia. Being the erstwhile home of many kings and dynasties, Trivandrum is also a treasure trove of historical monuments. Here are some of the prized jewels from Trivandrum.


Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India and the confluence of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean makes for an exhilarating spot. Kanyakumari is famed for the worship of the goddess Devi Kanya and pilgrims flock to the destination in hordes. A little offshore is the Vivekananda Memorial, the meditation spot of the famed Swami Vivekananda. The mandapam here offers an excellent insight into the wonderful blend of diverse architectural styles from different parts of India. Kanyakumari remains one of the biggest reasons for spending on Trivandrum flight tickets.


The globally renowned Kovalam beach is just some 16 km from Trivandrum and has been luring travellers right since the 1930s. Taking herbal massages, swimming, and sunbathing are amongst the numerous leisure activities at the beach. Kovalam also stays alive with delightful cultural performances. Shopping zones, cheap affordable cottages, swimming pools, Ayurvedic health centres, and the famed Ashoka Beach resort are some of the other draws here. Kovalam, along with Kanyakumari, remains another major reason for hopping on to some flight to Trivandrum.

Padmanabhapuram Palace

Dating back from 16th Century, the wooden Padmanabhapuram Palace is a dazzling piece of Trivandrum’s unique architectural style. While the floors have been polished with a mixture of local plant juices, crushed shells, egg whites, and coconuts, the ceilings are carved with exquisite rosewood floral patterns. Besides architectural wonders, the palace is also full of marvellous interesting items such as secret underground passages, Lord Krishna’s pictures, chairs carved with Chinese designs, mural paintings, Saraswati temple, granite dance hall, and Belgian mirrors. One of the more gory attractions of the palace is a hanging cage, where prisoners died an excruciating death at the beaks and claws of eagles. The palace has an outer cyclopean wall, which was erected without the use of mortar.


The calm serene hamlet of Varkala has plenty of tourist magnets. This sea resort is known for its mineral rich water springs that supposedly have many medicinal properties. Two of the biggest attractions in Varkala are the Janardhanaswamy Temple and the Sivagiri Mutt.

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

The huge sprawling Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary spells sheer bliss for any nature enthusiast. Eucalyptus plantations, long sloping hills, and fauna life like elephants, sambhar deers, lions, and leopards together make the sanctuary a wonderful getaway to the wild side. Many travellers have discovered that the joy visiting the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary makes up a lot for the money spent on those cheap flights to India.

Neyyar Dam

Taking a picnic to the Neyyar Dam is a great way to have a day trip in Trivandrum. Boating in the Neyyar Lake here and wondering through the wilderness of the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary are two of the most popular pastimes for visitors. The sanctuary gives one the chance to get up close to exotic animal life like tigers, elephants, wild boars, wild buffaloes, different snake species, and porcupines. For a further taste of wildlife, one can always head to the nearby lion safari park and crocodile breeding centre.


This pristine hill resort is a trekker’s paradise. Trees blooming with colorful flowers, serene orchids, and natural springs make the place a treat to the eye. While going to Ponmudi, numerous travelers also stop at ‘Golden Valley’ for a quick dip in the refreshing cool crystal clear mountain stream there.

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