Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to Find Cheap Flights to India from UK

The exotic land of India comes to mind as one contemplates to spend a rejuvenating vacation in a enticing destination without paying a bomb on airfares. Flights to India are pretty cheap and so are the hotels. What else do you want if you are planning a quick getaway?

Spending a rejuvenating vacation in an exotic land without paying a bomb on airfares is the coveted dream of many. One such destination, which immediately comes to mind is India. After all, the country has every ingredient for a fulfilling vacation, be it some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, stunningly mountain destinations, scores of wildlife parks teeming with rare wildlife, and cities showcasing rich slices of history. One of the best things about an Indian vacation is the bewildering array of cheap flights to choose from. One simply needs to know where and how to look.

In case, you are banking upon travel agents, then get in touch with one of the big respected names like Specifically, tell the agent that you are looking for the lowest possible fare as quite often there are specials that are not classified under economy.

Similarly, while making Internet bookings, you may come across a test price, average price or lowest price. One needs to make as many comparisons as possible among the different offers. To ensure a safe position, it is prudent to make an early booking of a deal, which offers the best value and is completely refundable. After that one can always hunt for better deals.

Sometimes, a good price may be available on the main leg of the flight, but it could be high on the connect. In such a scenario, the search should be reversed, or different legs should be booked separately. A minimum of three hours should be allowed between the flights for international departures/changeovers.

The best discount is often to be found at the website of the airlines. In certain scenarios, people need to sign up with an airline. In return, the carrier emails special offers a few days before the take off date. Such offers are highly restricted, but extremely cheap.

One may also try out some unconventional options like bumping, charter flights, ethnic bucket shops, foreign bucket shops, and courier flying. All in all, there is absolutely no dearth of choice of cheap flights to India.

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