Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Few Important India Travel Tips

Indian is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading tourist attractions with the country swarming with foreigners. Before catching flights to India, it is important to take care of certain things and pointers that will contribute towards making your holidays fun and memorable.

Be it food, religion, culture, people or geography - Diversity of India permeates each and every aspect of life! One of the world’s popular tourist destinations, India boasts of incredible historical legacy and remarkable cultural heritage.

Travellers from different parts of the globe visit India to get a bite of the famous ‘heavenly’ splendour. With careful planning, holidays to India can turn out to be most memorable and something completely extraordinary.


Careful planning will surely make your stay in India extremely enjoyable and pleasurable. Take care of the below mentioned pointers before catching flights to India.

  • Always apply for a multiple entry visa to the country as it offers the scope of re-entering India after one has taken a detour to some neighbouring country.
  • Visitors must carry photocopies of all the important documents with them.
  • Avoid arriving in India without a prior hotel booking. Ask the hotel authorities to send a car for you if you do not have any local meeting you at the airport.


It has to be said that medical facilities in India are not among the best in the world. Finding a modernised health care facility in some rural Indian area can turn out to be a tough work.

  • One should be sure to opt for a comprehensive medical insurance before booking flights to India as private hospitals in cities are expensive.
  • Tourists should carry their medications along with them. It is also suggested to bring along some common medicines for things like common cold or upset stomach.
  • Food and water hygiene must be carefully taken care of in India. One should dink only from sealed water bottles.
    • Most parts of the country are affected by various mosquito-borne diseases. Travellers must take care of that and carry some mosquito repellents with them.
    Seasons in India

    The country has four chief climatic seasons – winters, summers, spring and autumn.

    Throughout the year, travellers buy flight tickets to India; however the period between October and February is generally regarded as the best time to holiday in India.

    • Winter (November to February): One can travel to almost any part of the region during the season. No wonder cheap tickets to India are highly sought during this period.
    • Summer (May to July): Hill resorts like Simla, Ooty and Manali provide cool retreat from the scorching heat of Indian summers.
    • Spring (March-April): The climate during the period is pleasant and is perfect to roam around in any part of the country.
    • Autumn (September-October): It is the perfect time to catch any of the different cheap flights to India if one wants to sample the great Indian festivities.
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