Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011 ! Say It in Thailand This Time

Thailand is one place where people need just an excuse to party and celebrate! So you can well imagine the magnitude and enormity of celebrations in the country as the biggest party of them all draws near.

Indeed, New Year celebration in Thailand is just epic and numbers of tourists pick flights to Thailand setting up newer tourism records with each passing year. With warm and tropical climate, there can be no better place to spend your Christmas and New Year holidays but Thailand.

Being a highly tourist-centric country, Thailand does take its New Year celebrations quite seriously, impressing even the most astute of holiday makers. There’s something in this country for everyone. Be it young or old – the sense of merriment will surely tickle you!

New Year 2011 Celebrations in Bangkok will leave you awe-struck and impressed. Its Central World Plaza is the home for the official New Years Eve countdown. It is a massive shopping centre that features some of the finest and yummiest food courts. People from all over the world come to the city to experience what Central World has to offer. It is a mesmerising spectacle that leaves travellers spellbound and one that is not to be found any where else in the world!

The Peninsula Bangkok Hotel, a world renowned hotel, also boasts of interesting and spectacular holiday decorations. Take a stroll at the foyer and experience wonderful lighting display put forth by the hotel.

Talking about lighting, it must be known that Thais just love making lighting displays and during New Year festivities one can see some of their greatest works. Bright neon lights displayed on the buildings along with perfectly choreographed lighting arrangements on streets will definitely leave you dazzled.

New Year holidays in Bangkok can only be summarised as breathtaking! Thailand is perhaps the only country in the world that celebrates New Year three times a year, but it would be a grave mistake to confer that the festive spark and local enthusiasm fades out with so much activity. In fact, Thais take New Year Celebrations a gear up with each passing year.

Holiday season results in a spurt in Thai tourism and this is when most of the nation’s hotels are fully booked. It is highly important to book hotel in advance if you are planning a New Year holiday in Thailand. Plan early, party hard and have an experience of a lifetime this year as the brand new year of 2011 settles in.

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