Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flights to Hong Kong – What Makes Them So Popular

Hong Kong is perhaps Asia’s most glittering gem that portrays culture, beauty and vivaciousness in its full glory. The ideal prototype of the vibrant blend of the East and the West, Hong Kong has been beguiling tourists with its several attractions over the years now and in the process establishing itself as one red hot tourist destination.

Hong Kong is particularly well-renowned for its lovely weather, soaring skyscrapers and mind-numbing shopping options. It is indeed a ‘fact’ that flights to Hong Kong are always brimming with shoppers of all shapes and sizes! People with perennial belief in retail therapy can visit any of the world class malls, posh designer stores and street-side vendors to express their faith. Apart from shopping, there are many other attractions of the city that make cheap flights to Hong Kong incredibly popular.

Hong Kong Disneyland, Victoria Peak and Wong Tai Sin Temple are few of the many remarkable attractions that ensure cheap tickets for Hong Kong on any airline sell as fast as greased lightning. Travellers on holidays to Hong Kong also have the option of experiencing a ride in the world’s longest covered escalator that is 800 meters long. Tourists who have the slightest inclination to experience the mesmerising culture of this glorious city can line up to visit the wonderful Hong Kong Heritage Museum that features splendid exhibitions on the region’s heritage, art and culture. Food is another big charm of Hong Kong with the city featuring numerous wonderful eating joints.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hotel expansion continues in India

A number of international hotel chains have recently announced plans to expand their operations in India.

Tina Banerjee, editor of Columbus Travel Media, believes that this reflects the growing popularity of India as a major tourist destination, especially as the cost of flights to India is decreasing.

"It's very friendly, the transport links within the country have improved and there's a network of low-cost airlines, which means getting around multiple destinations is so much easier," said Ms Banerjee.

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Romantic Reasons for Booking Flights to India

People searching some romance book their flights to India from many parts of the world. The backwaters of Kerala, the beaches of Goa, and the hills of Manali and Shimla are just some of the places to celebrate the spirit of romance in the country.

India has almost every trapping of a romantic holiday destination. Great food, tremendous beach fun, exhilarating mountain destinations, and dense jungles make the country a stunning paradise. The high number of cheap flights to India also makes the country a favoured place for romance, rather than some of the more famed global destinations like Venice or Switzerland. In fact, quite a few specialist tour operators often provide special holiday package deals and cheap tickets for honeymooning couples. Here are some of the best locations in the country for planning a leisurely romantic getaway.


The sun, sand, and surf experience of Goa amongst myriad other charms makes Goa an irresistible destination for romance in India. With more than three hundred years of Portuguese colonial rule behind it, Goa has also become one of the most Westernised places in the country. Scores of crowded as well as isolated beaches, dozens of water sporting opportunities, cascading waterfalls, a number of churches and cathedrals, cheap booze, and unforgettable seafood – Goa bombards romantic couples with innumerable prospects for fun and frolic. Goa is also famous for its wild parties and gives the perfect opportunity to couples to celebrate their love. Couples who like crowds and parties should book their flight tickets to Goa for the period from December to March, when festivals like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Goa Carnival are celebrated with great pomp and show.


Globally renowned for its captivating beauty, Kerala is famed as ‘God’s Own Country’. The destination even won the vote of the most popular Asian holiday destination in a poll conducted by a travel magazine. Very naturally, the destination is a perfect place for romantic couples. Lush green paddy fields, mangrove forests, clusters of coconut palm, and of course, that never ending web like network of tranquil backwaters – Kerala is a virtual treat to the eye and a feast for romantic souls. Most people booking their flights to India for a romantic escapade definitely keep Kerala on the itinerary.


This fabulous hill destination in the state of Himachal Pradesh is a hot draw with honeymooning couples. Besides a natural knock out beauty of spectacular cliffs, snow capped mountain peaks, rolling valleys, deep deodar and pine woods, Manali is also full of pious spots like Vashisth Hot Water Springs, Ashram and Temple, Jagatsukh, Manu Temple, and Hadimba Temple for the more spiritually inclined couples.


Shimla is yet another hill station from Himachal Pradesh, which continues to steal the hearts of most die hard romantics. Exploring the scores of stunningly beautiful locales in and around Shimla with one’s partner ensure a lifetime of fond memories. Absolutely not to be missed spots are Naldhera, Chail, Kufri, Tattapani, Chadwick Falls, and Jakhoo Hills. Shimla also has some enchanting forests of rhododendron, fur, oak, and pine trees.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hotel chain acquires Jodhpur property

Design Hotels has added a unique property to its Indian portfolio after acquiring a 300-year-old mansion in Jodhpur.

RAAS is a 39-room hotel that was completely renovated by local brothers. It is nestled in the foot of the Meherangarh Fort and is close to the Clock Tower.

It is the first boutique accommodation in the region and could appeal to those looking for luxury when taking flights to India for a holiday.

"Every red sandstone, every pebblewash terrazzo panel is the product of hundreds of hours of local craftsmen. I'd be very happy if people who stay here don’t perceive luxury from just a big bed, but the luxury of the handcrafted work done especially for this place," explained RAAS co-founder Nikhilendra Singh.

Guests can enjoy the hotel's courtyard which has an infinity pool and terraced gardens or select from a range of activities on offer including camel safaris and desert picnics.

The hotel is a well-placed for those taking flights to Delhi as it is a 20 minute drive from the city's international airport.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top Hong Kong Tourist Attractions - At A Glance

Hong Kong is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the region. The city is a popular family vacation spot that beckons tourists from all over the globe. Places like Disneyland, Victoria Peak and Times Square are the finest tourists’ hot spots that allure travellers to catch flights to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong stretches the limits of glamour and glitz, and offers endless excitement to holiday makers. A popular holiday destination among families, Hong Kong surely knows how to charm and allure visitors. Be it the retail hotspots, wonderful dining options or the incredibly mesmerising tourist attractions – holidays to Hong Kong gradually grows on your senses and ultimately overwhelms you!

One can visit a lot of places on Hong Kong holidays but there are some that are considered as the biggest charmers of the destination.


Hong Kong holidays are incomplete without a visit to this mesmerising attraction. Disneyland is located near the Lantau Island, and is an ideal place to be if you are travelling with family and kids. A relatively recent addition to the galaxy of city attractions, the Disneyland is what that makes flights to Hong Kong so popular.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is located on the western side of the island and is the highest point of the city. Travellers can enjoy wonderful views of the city from the point, and is the ideal place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. There are a number of souvenir shops on the Victoria Peak where one can shop to give away gifts to relatives and friends.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple is a major tourist attraction in Hong Kong that is a combination of Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist traditions. Named after an alchemist called Wong Tai Sin, the temple features latticework decorations and golden ceiling. Wong Tai Sin Temple also gets a unique colourful character from its red pillars. At its best during the Chinese New Year Celebrations, Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the delights awaiting those on Honk Kong holidays.

Times Square

One of the Hong Kong’s greatest retail plazas, Times Square is a huge complex that boasts of nine floors. Just like its namesake in the New York City, the plaza is one of the main gathering points for the Western New Year celebrations in Hong Kong. It is the prefect place to spend the money you saved on tickets on cheap flights to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Museum of History

The Hong Kong Museum of History is yet another glittering gem adorning the city. The museum is a treasure house that exhibits artefacts dating back from the prehistoric times. The museum’s exhibits include village house replicas and old photograph collections along with traditional costume displays. The Hong Kong Museum of History also features an entire street replica.

Mid-Levels Escalator

Measuring approximately at 800 metres, Mid-Levels Escalator is the largest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. It is a major allure for holiday makers who want to take comprehensive views of the dazzling Soho district.

Statue Square

Statue Square charms the visitors with its overwhelming array of modern architectural splendours. The place is home to various landmark city buildings like the Bank of China, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Legislative Council Building and the International Finance Centre, which is among the tallest buildings in the world.

Western Market

Western Market is one of the oldest structures in Hong Kong, and serves as a shopping centre. It is a four storied red brick building that incorporates numerous souvenir stands and curio sellers. The structure’s first floor is renowned for exotic silk and other fabrics, and is particularly popular among travellers buying tickets to Hong Kong on airlines.

Star Ferry

The Star Ferry is a passenger ferry service operator in Hong Kong that carries passengers across Victoria Harbour, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. It offers some of the most captivating views of the waterfronts.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Reasons to Book Flights to India During Winters

Many visitors prefer taking their flights to India during the winter months. This season proves to be most conducive for exploring famed Indian destinations such as Goa, the Golden Triangle, Gulmarg, Kerala, Manali, and Mount Abu.

Year after year, travelers from all across the globe have been converging upon India to discover or rediscover the country’s legendary wonders. Like most other places on the planet, the weather plays a major role in one’s visit to India. With numerous travelers visiting from the UK and other parts of Europe, winters remain a hot favourite time for planning one’s trip to India. Here are a few of the places in the country that are best visited during winters.


This erstwhile Portuguese settlement is perhaps the most westernized destination in India. A mild climate and gala celebrations during winters makes Goa a sizzling winter getaway. Gorging on mouth watering seafood, getting high on local wines as well as other varieties of booze, and merry making at beach parties throughout the night are some of the delights awaiting visitors in Goa. Goans are always looking for an excuse to celebrate and the winter time festivals of Christmas and New Year are no exception. Goa has always been a big allure for travelers to book flights to India during winters.


Gulmarg is a paradise for winter sporting enthusiasts and is also said to have the highest golf course in the world. Tobogganing, riding snow scooters, and of course lots of skiing are some of the lures behind visiting Gulmarg. Especially, as far as skiing goes, many visitors are unanimous in their opinion that Gulmarg has the best slopes in the country for indulging in the sport. Another very endearing fact about Gulmarg is that winter sports here cost a fraction of what one has to shell out in most other parts of the world. In fact, the overall costs of visiting Gulmarg are quite affordable as one can find quite a few cheap flights servicing India.

Golden Triangle Tour

If you are thinking about Golden Triangle Tour of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, it is important to note that these places are boiling hot during the summer months. Quite naturally, winters are the best time to buy tickets to India for exploring the country’s rich historical legacy on this tour. All the three destinations seem to outdo each other in terms of attraction value. While Delhi has captivating monuments like the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, and Qutub Minar, Agra bowls one over with the majestic Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort. As far as the Pink City or Jaipur goes, there is almost no end to the number of charmers here. Some of the biggest crowd magnets in Jaipur are Amber Fort, Dera Amer Elephant Safari, City Palace of Jaipur, Hawa Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, and Sisodia Rani Palace and Garden.


Winter is also the best time of the year to visit God’s own country or Kerala. The weather is just perfect for checking out the stunning beauty of the destination. Numerous sparkling beaches, endless fields of rice paddy and coconut groves, the mesmerizing backwaters, enormous tea and spice plantations, and exotic wildlife – all make Kerala one of the most popular places in Asia. In Kerala, one can experience an amazing fusion of the different cultural influences and the destination’s own traditional legacy such as Kathakali dances performances, Kalarippayat martial arts, and theyyam ritual. The destination is also full of temples and museums. It goes without saying that most visitors spending their money on cheap flights to India strive to include Kerala in their travel itinerary.

Himachal Pradesh

This North Indian state tucks away some of the most scenic locations in India such as Shimla and Kulu Manali. While Shimla is hailed as the ‘queen of hill stations’, the raw beauty of Manali makes it a piping hot honeymoon destination. Winters in both Shimla and Manali spell as lots of snow and devilishly pleasurable fun and frolic. Kufri in Shimla and Rohtang Pass in Manali are two of the most unforgettable places in Himachal Pradesh. However, to visit Rohtang Pass during winters, one has to be there right at the onset of the winter season as later on the pass gets snowed up and becomes inaccessible. Himachal Pradesh definitely ensures good worth of the money spent on buying cheap tickets to India.

Mount Abu

This is the only hill station in the desert state of Rajasthan and winters here are pleasantly cold but not freezing. Besides scenic natural beauty, Mount Abu also boasts religious spots such as the famous Jain Temples of Dilwara dedicated to the Jain Tirthankars, the Adhar Devi temple, and the Hindu pilgrimage site of Guru Shikhar. Another highlight of Mount Abu is the legendary Nakki Lake.

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The Many Gems of Koh Samui, Thailand

Many visitors to Thailand have discovered the joy of boarding a flight to Koh Samui. The destination is full of wonders – both natural and man made. Read on for some insight into some of the most potent crowd magnets of this amazing destination.

Pristine sparkling beaches, rugged wooded interiors, terrific sightseeing, and indescribably exhilarating beauty – the list is just endless when it comes to reasons for hopping on to cheap flights to Koh Samui. In fact, hundreds of travellers from different parts of the world buy airlines tickets to the destination year after year. After all, escaping the destination’s seductive charms is no mean feat.

Emerald Sea

The Emerald Sea is a huge lake in the heart of the island. With its otherworldly turquoise tint, the Emerald Sea makes for a dazzling spectacle. Further captivating views can be caught from the top of the nearby stairways.

Na Muang Falls

Cascading down from a height of about 30 metres, the Na Muang Falls is supposedly Samui’s tallest waterfall. Swimming aficionados can take a dip in the pool at the base, while nature enthusiasts can revel in the sight of the restless water bubbling over stunning purple rocks. Despite its amazing beauty, the Na Muang Falls is refreshingly less crowded than many of the other Koh Samui attractions.

Ang Thong National Marine Park

The Ang Thong National Marine Park is an archipelago of some forty small islands. While the park’s southwest area has a fine coral reef, swallows nest in the different caves and crevices in the other parts. In fact, the entire park is a piece of wonderful natural beauty comprising hidden lagoons, deep foliage, sandy white beaches, and sheer cliffs of limestone. The Ang Thong National Marine Park featured in the movie made on the novel ‘The Beach’ by Alex Garland. After visiting the park, very few can lament their decision of catching a flight to Koh Samui.

Wat Sumret Temple

This old temple is home to a white marble Buddha statue, which is estimated to be many centuries old. The temple is also well known for a hall filled with a priceless Buddha statue collection. This hall has come to be known as the ‘Secret Hall of Buddhas’.

Kunaram Temple

Many travellers buy cheap tickets to Koh Samui for visiting the Kunaram Temple, which is well known for the mummified body of the famous monk, Loung Pordaeng. An interesting fact about the body is that the monk passed away years ago while meditating. Even today, his body has been preserved in the same position and no major signs of decomposition are to be seen.

Wat Phra Yai and Big Buddha

The ‘Big Buddha’ is one of the most well known landmarks in Koh Samui. This immense statute sits in the Wat Phra Yai temple and draws huge crowds of visitors. About twelve metres in height, this dazzling golden Buddha statue can be seen from great distances and even be seen from airplanes.

Snake Farm

Those looking for some creepy crawlies should definitely check out the Snake Farm. Home to centipedes, scorpions, and numerous species of different Asian snakes, the farm hosts interesting shows such as cobra exhibition, cock fighting, and breathtaking stunts by snake handlers and their venomous charges.

Paradise Park Farm

Covering an area of some 20 acres, part of the Paradise Park Farm straddles a painstakingly preserved forest land. In fact, the farm is surrounded by tropical rainforests and is located atop Khao Pom, the highest mountain in Koh Samui. It goes without saying that the Paradise Park Farm makes for a relaxed sojourn to nature. Well stocked with colourful flora and fauna life, the Park is any nature lover’s dream come true. Mesmerising waterfalls, jungle and river trails, infinity pool, deer park, manicured gardens, children’s park, as well as great drink and food make sure that the park lives up to its name.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Affordable Orlando Vacations – Some Ideas

Orlando is the biggest tourist attraction for families in the US. Hugely popular among Britons, Orlando vacations can be anything but cheap. However with proper planning and some common sense, cheap flights to Orlando may not be the only cheap thing you can have.

Regarded as the ‘vacation capital of the world’, Orlando is an exceptional place to have wonderful family holidays. Incredible tourist destinations, amazing weather conditions, interesting day time activities and vivacious nightlife options all merge together to make Orlando one of the biggest tourist destinations in the United States. But what really stands out as the most luminous star among the galaxy of city attractions are undoubtedly the world famous theme parks. No wonder, Florida is almost a permanent part of holiday travel itineraries and air tickets to Orlando are as popular among families as loosing weight is among New Year Resolutions. However, it has to be said that Orlando is not the cheapest of holiday destinations around. World class entertainment comes at a price, and Orlando is a living and thriving proof of that.

It is imperative for budget travellers to plan meticulously in order to enjoy wonderful Orlando holidays without having to break the bank. Through creativity and resourcefulness, holiday makers can have a vacation that's affordable apart from being memorable.

Tour operators and travel portals offer great discount vacation packages to different destinations from time to time. One can check out different websites for any promotional offers going on. Travel agents specialising in Orlando holidays, in particular, can churn out some of the finest deals for you that may include cheap flights to Orlando as well as budget accommodations.


One of the most expensive aspects of any vacation is the accommodation, and it is also the one area where people can save the most. First of all, it is best to do some research regarding the accommodation options available around the region. Look out for those which offer the best value for your hard earned money. Additionally, it is not a bad idea to stay in a city that is close to Orlando, and not Orlando itself. Travellers will surely find a better deal at a hotel in Kissimmee, where hotels are much cheaper than those in Orlando. One can also look out for affordable Orlando Vacation Rentals; and for those tight-pocketed travellers who would like to stay inside a theme park, the Disney World offers budget accommodations.


There are number of airlines that operate cheap flights to Orlando from different UK cities. With an extensive internet research you can land up with cheap air tickets to Orlando. It would also be smart to look out for air tickets to Orlando during the off-peak season when airfares are generally lower.

For getting around in Orlando, budget travellers would like to skip cabs and taxis as they can cause your expenses to shoot upwards. Buses are possibly the best mode of transportation for tourists aiming towards some savings. It is also advisable to choose a hotel that offers free shuttle service to the airport as well as major city landmarks.


Food expenses are the most ‘innocent’ seeming expenditures that can really jack up your travel budget. As one generally does not pay a big amount on food at a one go, it is easy to loose track of your expenses on this. A heavy meal in the morning at the free breakfast buffet of the hotel will surely take you a long way during the day. It is also worth remembering that food inside the theme parks is extremely costly, sometimes even the triple of the original cost. Avoid buying food from inside the theme parks to cut down on your food bills.

Orlando holidays may seem like a very expensive vacation. However, with few practical trips and some common sense one need not drill a hole in their pockets to enjoy a fine family holiday.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Philippine Airlines to resume flights to India

Philippine Airlines has confirmed that it will resume flights to India after a break of 16 years.

The carrier will introduce flights six-times a week to New Delhi using Airbus A330-300 planes. It is expected that 50 per cent of the services will depart from Manila and the remaining flights will operate via Bangkok.

Leaving Manila on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 21:10, the flight will arrive at Indira Gandhi International Airport at 01:10.

It is thought that Philippine Airlines made the decision to reintroduce the flights to New Delhi following relaxed visa rules by the Indian government. The new service will start operating from March 27th.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Bangkok – A Perfect Launch Pad for Thai Beach Holidays

Bangkok enthrals travellers like no other destination in Thailand. Although not famous as a true beach city, Bangkok is a preferred choice of many to launch their expedition to various beach resorts that dot the country.

Bangkok has always remained a popular holiday destination for Britons as well as other global travellers. The ‘city of Angels’ possesses all the trappings of a perfect holiday escapade, especially during the chilly winters in Europe. Exquisite beach resorts in Thailand are conveniently connected from Bangkok by air and road.

Fly to Bangkok for Accessing Thailand’s Beaches

Most travellers to Thailand book flights to Bangkok for the city serves as a perfect launch pad for popular Thai holidays at the country’s numerous beach resorts and islands. Being the capital of Thailand and popular stopover for many airlines, most carriers operate the highest number of cheap flights to Bangkok rather than any other destination in Thailand. Besides, there are many options for buying international flight tickets to Bangkok with both direct and indirect flights. The city also has a maximum number of domestic flights operating to and from various resort towns and cities in the country.

Patong Beach, Phuket

This is the largest beach in Phuket and supposedly the most popular one in the country. Balmy waters, powdery white sands, as well as numerous hotels, restaurants and shopping areas nearby make the beach a hot hangout place. The beach also turns into high voltage nightlife entertainment spot after sunset.

Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Ley

The Maya Bay may well be blessed with some of the best beach beauty of the country. Guarded by immense limestone cliffs and nestling in a small bay, the beach is only accessible by boat and only during the day. There are no accommodation facilities for spending the night.

Railey Beach, Krabi

Railey Beach is the perfect escapade for the traveller looking forward to some delightful isolation. Sparkling blue waters, surrounding huge cliffs, small shimmering islands in the distant horizon all give the beach the appearance of some deserted island. This beach can also only be accessed by boat and offers some good prospects for swimming, snorkelling, rock climbing, and of course some silent reading and self contemplation.

Lamai Beach, Samui

The Lamai Beach strikes the perfect balance for on sand and in water fun. Breathtaking views and excellent swimming make the beach absolutely irresistible. The numerous bars and restaurants make the beach a hot nightlife spot as well.

Kata Beach, Phuket

Just about two miles from the frenetic pace of the Patong Beach, this one is a separate world in itself. Gently swaying palm trees, bath warm waters of the sea, soothing scenery and the absence of hotels and shopping malls give the beach a highly serene and tranquil appeal. Surfing daredevils can dare the waves here during the low season.

Hua Hin Beach, Hua Hin

Sitting on the Gulf of Siam, the beach slopes into the Gulf and offers plenty of exhilarating activities. Although, not a very safe place to swim, the beach attracts numerous visitors with its vast flat stretches of sand and easy accessibility from Bangkok.

White Sand Beach, Koh Chang

Lined with coconut and palm trees and with gently sloping hills as its backdrop, the White Sand Beach makes for a mesmerising sight. With Koh Chang being more of a backpacker destination rather than some luxury haunt, the White Sand Beach has a certain rugged appeal to it.

Sairee Beach, Koh Tao

Once, an almost exclusive diving base, the Sairee Beach is slowly but surely being recognised for the world of other delights it can offer. Stretching for almost a mile, this white tract of sand is supposedly the most popular beach in Koh Tao. The Sairee Beach also offers great views of the small islands in the horizon. The beach also remains quite isolated as the nearest airport is in Samui and one also has to take a ferry ticket for reaching the place.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Indian air traffic increased

The level of air passenger traffic in India increased by 19 per cent last year as more people took flights.

According to the aviation ministry, the total number of people taking India flights increased to 52 million, compared to 44 million passengers in 2009.

In particular, the increase of additional domestic flights to Delhi and other major destinations has helped to boost air traffic, especially as demand for both business and leisure services have risen.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Enjoy your holidays in Taj Exotica Resort in Goa

Picturesquely located on the South West coast of Goa, the five star Taj Exotica Goa is steeped in tranquility and luxury and is one of the finest hotels the world has known. The award wining resort hotel spoils its guests with a world of choice right from rooms and suites through facilities and services, spa and relaxation to dining options.

The rooms and suites in Taj Exotica Resort Goa are elegantly styled, displaying the charming Indian tradition and equipped to comfort and delight even the most discerning of all guests. The soothing Goan and Portuguese designs and the interiors lift one’s spirits. Other accommodation options include Deluxe, Sea View, Garden and pool villas, luxury suites and Presidential Villas.
Broadband, wireless internet access all across the resort, computers, laptops and workstations, money exchange, beauty parlor / salon for men, doctor on call, express laundry and dry cleaning, babysitting and travel desk are just to name a few of the services for guests of the Taj Exotica Resort Goa.

Activity centre for kids, fitness centre, pool tables, shopping arcade and souvenir shop are some of the choices for great recreation. Jiva spa, the complete healing experience , the exotica spa with massage rooms, steam room, fully equipped gymnasium, jacuzzi, and relaxation rooms are perfect bet for rejuvenating and relaxing while at the hotel.

The hotel’s dining halls and palm grove are perfect choice to hold meetings, get-togethers and plan an event such as wedding and parties. The hotel also boasts a sprawling banquet hall with a capacity to fit a thousand guests comfortably which is also the largest pillar-less banquet hall amongst all hotels in Goa.

An exclusive dining experience awaits you at the Taj Exotica Goa if you have booked into the hotel. The hotel offers a range of finest international and Indian cuisines along with the finest beverages in its restaurants and bars to make your stay here a memorable one. So next time you plan a holiday to Goa and intend to book a luxury hotel, do book into Taj Exotica Goa.

Elephanta Caves in Mumbai - The Euphonic Stroke to the Human Minds

Since the primitive era man is found to be innately enthusiast about art and beauty. If one talks about the country India, many emperors have ruled the land, making the respective modifications according to their ideas and intellect. However, art and sculpture has always remained one of the most imperative points of their agenda’s spotlight. One of its marvellous illustrations is the rare and one of the most ecstatic caves of Elephanta.

The distinctive caves of Elephanta are certainly one of the ultimate upshots of human’s inventive conceptions. The outstanding fact about this entire temple, to have been erected by removing a rock itself, makes it more terrific and entrancing allure to the visitors. The land, location and the ingenuity of this creation reveals the distinctive taste of man even in those bygone days when they had only begun to learn and implement the preliminary applications of science.

Rapturous and incredibly isolated location

The Elephanta Caves are engraved on the hills of the Elephanta Island which is located in the Arabian Sea 10 km away from the Gateway of India, in Mumbai. One can feel the elation of this panorama with eventual knack of the mankind simultaneously, and quench their longing to unveil the inimitably constructed art and architectures on earth. As usual, one needs to reach here only by boat. A 15 minutes thrilling ferry ride from the gateway of India and here you go with your dreamy visit to these caves, which are bound be etched in your minds as an everlasting striking reminisce.

A perfect medley of bliss & skill in rock cut architectural style!

Carved somewhere around fifth century, the caves that sprawl over a large area of about 60000 square feet are a network of seven rock-cut temples. These idiosyncratic sanctuaries are embraced with a main chamber, courtyards and several subsidiary shrines. A mass of natural rock above the temple adds to its appeal. The three entrances to the temple give it an intriguing labyrinth pat, in which the eastern and the western entrances mark the axis of the temple.

Hewn from solid rock, striking marvels of sculptures embellish every nook of the Elephanta Caves. Trimurthy, which is an astonishing 20 feet high sculptor of the three headed Shiva, is one of the distinguished master pieces of Indian art. This huge image embodying Panchamukha Shiva with its three faces carved into the wall strikes your mind the moment you enter the temple through the northern entrance.

Eventually, it won’t be unjustifiable to identify these caves of Elephanta, decked out with some of the exquisite work of Indian art especially including stone sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, to be only one of its kinds.

Well Connected to the world

The most remarkable idea is that one need not fret if planning to experience its enchantment, as there are many domestic and international flights to Mumbai. The commercial capital of the country is also a primary hub for all major international carriers of the country and one can easily source cheap flights to India landing in Mumbai. The growing popularity of the country and its cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai has resulted in international airlines operating an ever increasing number of flights to India. A number of travel agents in the UK specialise in India Holidays and can tailor a package deal including Mumbai air tickets, hotel stay as well as sight seeing tour with a trip to the Elephanta Caves.

Best Time to Visit Elephanta Caves

The government of Indian state of Maharashtra organizes a breathtaking musical event called Elephanta festival every year in February making this heritage a perfect juncture filled with an insight of devout and edifying aspects of India. February also happens to be one of the best times to visit Mumbai and take an expedition to these caves. The weather is pleasant and the region is far less humid than the summer months – perfect for tourists to indulge in a number of outdoor activities.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mumbai wins 'unique hotel award'

Le Sutra in Mumbai has been named India's Most Unique Hotel at the Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards (IHEA).

Ranjan Gupta, head of operations at Le Sutra, explained to HBI that the award recognised the work the hotel has done to promote the region's culture and art.

Mitali Bajaj, head of the design studio that created Le Sutra, said: "Our uniqueness lies in the hotel being a virtual art installation where every element narrates a story from Indian ethos.

"Here you could live in the rooms of Ravana, Karna or Buddha as comfortable and plush as any five-star hotel."

The hotel has three-storeys and a total of 16 rooms that could appeal to Brits taking flights to Mumbai who are looking for unusual accommodation for their trip.

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Irresistible Beach Excuses to Buy Air Tickets to Miami

A major draw behind buying air tickets to Miami is the numerous beaches of the destination. Almost every type of beach to be found here, spanning categories like best sun tanning, best family spot, best shell hunting, best wind surfing, most tranquil. Read on for more.

Nestling in the sunshine state of Florida, Miami captivates with its numerous crowd magnets. Year after year, dozens of families save hard to buy their tickets for one of the cheap flights to Miami during their vacations. The soaring popularity of the destination has also prompted a number of airlines to operate flights to the destination. Although, Miami has excellent restaurants, great shopping, and a smashing nightlife, the destination’s main claim to fame is its beaches.

Crandon Park

Crandon Park Beach is one of the best beaches for wild parties as well as spending quality time with the family. The Crandon offers some three miles of oceanfront beach and lots of merry folks gyrate to the beats of disco, reggae, salsa, and other music blaring from almost every corner of the beach. The beach also has the ‘Amusement Center’, which is a hit with kids with its carousel, splash fountain, outdoor roller link, and playground. The beach also has acres of parks, plenty of bar be cue grills, an eighteen hole championship golf course, numerous football and softball fields, and opportunities for kayaking and snorkelling.

Lummus Park Beach

The Lummus Park Beach is a hot place for spying upon bathing beauties and almost every other species of beach birds. Going topless is legal here and a bevy of young women fully exploit the opportunity to get a tan and maybe flaunt their fabulous bodies. The beach is also used for various photo shoots and there is a lot of scope for watching models and a little bit of showbiz.

Haulover Beach

This beach is very popular among surfing enthusiasts as some of the biggest swells of Miami’s seas end up here. The beach is also a great place for getting a full body tan as there is a designated area where nude bathing is permitted. In fact, Haulover Beach is probably Florida’s only legal ‘clothing optional’ beach and nudists from different parts of the world buy their air tickets to Miami to gather here. However, they are well out of the view of families and there is no reason for anyone to feel uncomfortable.

Matheson Hammock Park Beach

The waters here are extremely calm as the beach has an artificially made lagoon and it is fed by the tidal movement of the adjoininig Biscayne Bay. This makes it a very popular beach for families with small children. The bathroom facilities are also quite hygienic.

12th Street Beach

The 12th Street Beach of South Beach is supposed to be the best beach for checking out the gay scene of Miami. This predominant gay haunt is also well known for quite a few wild South Beach parties.

Hobie Beach

The Hobie Beach is extremely popular for wind surfing. Technically, it is not a beach but the winds here are very predictable and there are numerous places renting out windsurfing boards.

85th Street Beach

Many people who enjoy a nice quiet swim head to the 85th Beach, along Collins Avenue. The beach is patrolled by lifeguards throughout the day and the lack of looming hotels and condominiums ensure a sense of delicious privacy.

Bal Harbour Beach

Plenty of colourful shells dot the sands of Bal Harbour Beach and make it a shell hunter’s paradise. Although, there are no lifeguards and changing and toilet facilities, the beach does offer good shade and an exercise course.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

The Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is like an oasis of serenity, where one can connect with nature. A historic lighthouse, captivating tropical wilderness nature trails, and more than a mile of dazzling unbroken beach sand make it a tranquil paradise.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hotel chain plans Indian expansion

A key hotel chain is planning to opening 19 hotels across India as it expands its operations.

The new properties will be opened under four different brands - Radisson, Country Inns and Suites by Carlson, Park Inn and Park Plaza - in response to growing demand from travellers.

Those taking flights to India could be tempted by the Radisson Blue Hotel Rudrapr, which will offer 115 rooms and is close to Pantnagar airport.

Other planned properties include the Radisson Hotel Agra Taj East Gate Road, which is ideal for tourists planning to visit the nearby Taj Mahal, and the Park Plaza New Delhi with 209 rooms.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Best India Holiday Attractions

There are many excuses for booking flights to India. With the cricket world cup set to unfurl during the year 2011, the country will be in a celebratory mode. Read on for a little insight into some of the piping hot destinations in India.

India is a heady cocktail of scrumptious cuisines, heady cultural experiences, a world of diversified sightseeing, and a lot more. There are numerous good times for visiting the country with festival seasons being amongst the best. For instance, the celebratory frenzy of the ‘city of joy’ or Kolkata, the cultural capital of the country is best experienced during Durga Puja celebrations. Similarly, the colourful Indian state, Punjab’s hearty spirit soars when the local festival of Baisakhi unfolds. In 2011, India will serve as one of the venues for the cricket world cup and needless to say, visitors can look forward to some great holiday fervour as the country is quite crazy about the game. Here are some of the hottest destinations to consider for those who are mulling travel plans to India.

Golden Triangle Tour

The Golden Triangle Tour of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur is one of the perfect ways to embark on a historical odyssey through India. Delhi’s legendary cuisines as well as colonial and Islamic architectural monuments like Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament House, India Gate, Red Fort, and Jama Masjid ensure a fun filled itinerary. Similarly, beholding the dazzling Taj Mahal in Agra is alone worth spending every penny on flights to India. The Pink City of Jaipur also proves to be no mean destination and offers generous slices of the country’s history by way of majestic monuments like Hawa Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Amber Fort and Palace, and Abhaneri Step Well to name just a few.


Goa is certainly the most popular or at least the second most popular beach destination in India. Night long beach parties, getting high on cheaply available booze, indulging in numerous exhilarating water sports, and picking up fabulous bargains from the Anjuna Flea Market – Goa is crammed full of attractions that become tantalising flights of fancy, once the vacation is over. With February round the corner, the destination is all set to celebrate the gala Goa Carnival. Anyone looking for cheap tickets to Goa during this time should start getting in touch with specialist travel companies right away. In fact, tickets to Goa are highly sought after throughout the year.


Known as ‘god’s own country’, Kerala bagged the vote of the best Asian holiday destination in the ‘Best in Travel poll 2010’ conducted by Smart Travel Asia, an independent online travel magazine. A few of the unforgettable charms of Kerala are the intricate networks of meandering backwaters, the virginal Kovalam beaches, endless tracts of rice paddies and coconut groves, and the stunning Varkala cliffs. Those looking for cheap flights to India for their Kerala visit should plan their trip during the monsoon season. Buying tickets by focusing upon the monsoon months of August and September also give one the chance to experience Kerala’s Onam festival celebrations.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dubai shopping festival to be major event

Fireworks are expected to signal the start of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) on January 20th.

It is the 16th time the event has been held and it has developed into a major attraction for locals and those taking flights to Dubai.

Lasting 32 days, the festival includes a whole host of attractions ranging from special in-store price reductions, a Disney show, music concerts and raffles to win new cars.

Ibrahim Saleh, festivals coordinator-general and deputy chief executive officer of the Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment, believes the 2011 event will be the best yet.

He added: "Looking back, DSF has welcomed over 40 million visitors. These figures are testament to the success of DSF and our commitment in offering the region's best in shopping, winning, and family entertainment."

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Goa and Kerala – Top Indian Beach Destinations for 2011 Holidays

There is a galore of reasons for booking cheap flights to India. Enjoying some magnificent sun, sand and surf vacations is one of the most compelling reasons for beach lovers to visit the country. An Indian beach holidays also cost much less than what one has to shell out in many other parts of the world. Here are two of the most famed beach destinations in India.


Almost every visitor to India swears that Goa is the country’s best beach vacation getaway. Year after year, hundreds of visitors make advance bookings on their flights to India to bag cheap tickets to India. After all, this charming destination’s sun, sand, and surf experience is legendary to say the least and just thinking about the place prompts one to embark on flights of fancy. Having spent some three to four centuries under Portuguese colonial rule, Goa woke up with a massive colonial hangover and remains one of the most westernised places in India worth buying flight tickets to. Visiting the destination spells as spending lazy days on the beaches, indulging in adrenalin pumping water sports, dancing away the nights in beach parties, and guzzling down gallons of cheaply available booze.


Kerala’s beaches have their own bit of unique charm. While Goa may very well offer beach games and bar be cues, Kerala steals the thunder when it comes to the pristine appeal of beaches. Most of the palm fringed beaches have a virginal quality, which is a far cry from Goa’s tourist filled beaches. Besides beaches, Kerala has many other claims to fame as well. In fact, the destination was voted as the best Asian holiday destination in the ‘Best in Travel poll 2010’. The poll was conducted by Smart Travel Asia, an independent online travel magazine.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

IndiGo set to offer international flights to India

Budget airline IndiGo is planning to offer international flights in the near future as it expands its fleet.

The carrier is hoping to eventually offer flights to India from a number of destinations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, according to IndiGo's president, reports Bloomberg News.

Aditya Ghosh explained that the airline is unable to offer the new flights until August because of regulations but is already considering a sale-and-leaseback of 180 Airbus A320 planes.

The additional aircraft could help IndiGo compete with other India-based airlines such as Air India and Jet Airways.

Binit Somaia, the Sydney-based director for South Asia at the Center for Asia Pacific Aviation, said: "The Indian market is looking very strong. IndiGo should be successful on overseas routes if it can maintain its on-time performance and highly efficient operations."

The airline offers a number of internal flights within India, including flights to Mumbai from Goa, Kochi, Delhi and Lucknow.

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Ghost Hunting Destinations in India

India is reported to have plenty of haunted places, which also double up as popular tourist destinations. Some of the most notorious haunted places are Bhangarh in Rajasthan, Delhi Cantonment, and Pune’s Shaiwarda Fort. Read on for more.

India, with its colourful history and fascination with the supernatural, offers plenty of opportunities for anyone looking forward to some ghostly thrills. Many of the tales do appear to be far fetched and one may or may not bump into some restless soul, but quite a few of these places also offer a world of delights in terms of sightseeing. Here are some of these places, which provide ample excuse for hopping aboard one of the cheap flights to India.


Most people catching flights to India ensure that they visit Rajasthan as the place is a veritable window to India’s royal past with its numerous palaces and other regal memorabilia. Those looking for some ghostly thrills in Rajasthan would do well to visit the deserted city of Bhangarh. The Archaeological Survey of India has put up a signboard outside the city, which warns visitors not to enter after dark. Locals even claim that many thrill seekers who chose to disregard the warning have ended up dead. Some visitors also say that they felt very uneasy during the day time as well.


The Ramoji Film City of Hyderabad, which is built on the war grounds of Nizam sultans, is infamous for many ghostly incidents. Although, buying entry tickets to the film city does not guarantee an eerie experience, but the tales alone are quite spine chilling. Many light men have been pushed down by invisible hands and the same invisible force has also smashed shooting lights and other equipment. These mischievous entities take special pleasure in tormenting women by indulging in acts like tearing their clothes and banging on toilet doors.


Anyone taking one of the Delhi borne flights can try to check out whether there is any truth behind the stories concerning Delhi cantonment. Many motorists have claimed that during nights, a lady in white has tried to flag them and then chased them at the speed of their cars when they did not stop.

Shaniwarda Fort, Pune

Tourists buying cheap tickets to Pune while visiting India would do well to check out Shaniwarda Fort. Narayan, a Peshwa heir to the throne was brutally murdered here at the behest of his aunt and uncle. He is said to have repeatedly cried out ‘uncle save me’, while the would be killers chased him. Locals say that these cries are still heard on new full moon nights.

Lonawala, Pune

This hill station is well known for the Raj Kiran hotel. It is reported that one of the rooms is haunted and guests have complained of some entity pulling out the bed sheets during nights. According to different accounts, things became so scary that this room is now kept under lock and key.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bollywood couple head to Thailand

The newly-married Imran Khan and Avantika Malik are heading to Phuket to celebrate their recent wedding.

It is expected that family and friends of the couple will take flights to Thailand for a special three-day celebration.

The marriage was officially registered on January 10th at a private civil ceremony at director and actor Aamir Khan's residence at Pali Hill, Mumbai.

However, the next stage in the celebrations is a trip to Thailand with around 50 people including - the couple's parents and other stars such as Mansoor Khan.

An unnamed source told the Hindustan Times: "The families have booked Marriott's Khao Lak island resort, about an hour away from Phuket.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Air India Express resumes flights to Mumbai

Air India Express has confirmed that it is to re-offer passengers the chance to take flights to Mumbai from Bahrain.

The carrier is to offer the service twice a week and will also enable travellers to connect with flights to Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

It is expected that the flight will leave Bahrain at 14.05 for the city of Mumbai.

Air India has a fleet of 24 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with all offering economy class facilities and each with a capacity of around 180 seats.

As well as offering domestic flights within India, the airline flies to 14 other international destinations- Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Muscat, Salalah, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, Columbo and Dhaka.

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India Travel - Information, Tips & Suggestions

India is definitely one of the world’s major tourist destinations and boasts of incredible cultural heritage along with remarkable architectural marvels.

At any given point of time, there are thousands of foreigners looking forward to enjoy an enjoyable and pleasant tour to India. While holidays to India are undeniably mesmerising, proper planning must be done in order to experience perfect vacations.


Take care of the below mentioned tips before booking seats on flights to India.

  • Multiple entry visa makes more sense than a single entry visa as it offers the scope of re-entering India after one has taken a detour to some neighbouring country.
  • It is suggested that tourists carry photocopies of all the important documents with them.
  • Avoid arriving in India without a prior hotel booking.


  • Make sure you have a comprehensive medical insurance before actually catching flights to India as private hospitals in the metros tend to be costly.
  • Carry your medications with you, and also carry some common non-prescription medicines.
  • Be extra cautious about food and water hygiene.
Seasons in India

Although, travellers buy flight tickets to India throughout the year, the period between October and February is generally regarded as the best time to visit India. Not surprisingly cheap tickets to India are highly sought after during this period. Even in summers one can find cool retreat from the scorching heat at places like Simla, Ooty and Manali. Spring and autumn are other favourable periods to buy cheap tickets on flights to India.

Supernatural Thrills in India

Reasons are aplenty for hopping aboard one of the cheap flights to India. Other than its hundreds of tourist trappings, the country also offers quite a few places to those who are intrigued with the supernatural. Here are just two of the most famous of such places, which prove well worth buying one’s cheap tickets to.

Bhangarh, Rajasthan

The Bhangarh ruins in Rajasthan are perhaps the most famously haunted place in India. The city is said to have been destroyed due to some curse and the Archaeological Survey of India has put up a signboard telling visitors not to enter after dusk. People claim that mysterious images have come up in their snapshots and the atmosphere is very strange. Besides ghost hunting in Bhangarh, most people who catch flights to India, also visit Rajasthan for checking out the other numerous forts and monuments.

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Hyderabad is another lovely Indian destination worth taking a flight to. Amongst its numerous magnetic attractions, Ramoji Film City has a special claim to fame. Someone buying entry tickets to the place would never be able to guess the extent of paranormal activity reported here. It is said that unseen entities have pushed light men to the ground from great heights and strange writings have turned up on mirrors. Women are at the worst receiving end of these ghostly activities. There have been reports that invisible hands have even torn their clothes. Some people opine that Ramoji Film City is built on the war ground of Nizam Sultans and has seen much bloodshed.

Other Haunted Locations in India

Khooni Darwaaza in Delhi
Mahim, D'souza chawl area of Mumbai
The Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonawala, Pune
The Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune
Writers' Building, Kolkata

Popular Wildlife Destinations on Travel to India

Many people travel to India to explore the famous jungles of the country. Amongst a slew of irresistible choices, some of the most popular picks are Corbett National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Gir National Park, and Sunderbans National Park.

India is full of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks many of which used to be the hunting grounds for the Maharajas and colonial masters of the bygone era. Every year, these wildlife holiday destinations attract thousands of visitors from different parts of the globe. A major reason behind the popularity of Indian forests is the economy factor as going on a wildlife tour to quite a few other countries works out to be much more expensive than visiting India’s jungles. Furthermore, the growing popularity of India on the tourist radar has also prompted many airlines to operate cheap flights to India. This has led to increasing competition and the availability of more and more cheap tickets for travellers. Anyone planning to visit India on a wildlife tour should definitely consider the following four places.

Corbett National Park

Sprawling over a humongous area in the hill state of Uttarakhand, the Corbett National Park was the erstwhile hunting ground of the legendary Englishman, Colonel Jim Corbett. Besides being home to the majestic Indian tiger, the park teems with dozens of other varieties of wildlife such as leopards, herds of wild elephants, wild boars, different deer species, and snakes and crocodiles to name a few. For many years, Corbett National Park has been the highlight of countless visitors’ travel to India. There are excellent accommodation facilities in areas near the Park as well as right in the heart of the jungle. One of the best ways to explore Corbett National Park is by going on an elephant safari. Bus and Jeep tours are available as well. Before visiting Corbett, one should be mindful of the fact that the best jungle experience is felt by staying inside the park rather than putting up in accommodation facilities outside the park’s boundaries.

Ranthambore National Park

The Ranthambore National Park is located in the desert state of Rajasthan. By visiting this park, it also becomes convenient to take a historical odyssey through Rajasthan and add more value to one’s expenditure on flights to India. In fact, the Ranthambore Fort is part of the forest. Besides being home to the big cats like tigers and leopards, Ranthambore National Park is also full of sloth bears, wild boars, sambhars, nilgais, dholes, and chitals. One of the best places in the park for catching glimpses of wildlife is Bakula as an abundance of watering holes and pools attracts many animals to this area and lucky visitors even get to see tigresses basking in the sun with their cubs. For touring the jungle, one has to buy tickets for bus or jeep safaris. Early mornings are the best times for taking these safaris.

Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

The Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is absolutely not to be missed during one’s India holidays. It is the sole surviving home of Asiatic lions. Another big cat to be found here is the leopard. Besides, there are various other forms of fauna life such as wild boars, blue bull or nilgai, striped hyenas, chousinghas or four horned antelopes, as well as numerous bird species like Saras Crane, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, crested serpent eagle, and red headed falcon. Gir also has plenty of reptiles and enjoys a robust marsh crocodile population. Most visitors take the morning and evening drives into the forest and utilise the time in between visit the famous temples of Somnath such as Shore Temple, Sun Temple, and Ahilya Temple.

Sunderbans National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve is well-known for its dense mangrove forests and man eating Royal Bengal tigers. Even today, there is no consensus amongst scientists as to why tigers here are naturally man eaters. In fact, there is local superstition in the area that one is lucky not to see a tiger in Sunderbans as the person will end up as a meal for the tiger. Sunderbans also does not lack in aquatic and reptilian life forms such as crocodiles, olive ridley sea turtles, king cobras, hardshelled batgur terrapin, and chequered killbacks. For birdwatchers, the park is a veritable treat to the eyes with its exotic winged denizens such as herons, terns, white bellied sea eagles, whimprels, and eastern knots. A launch safari through the waters of Sunderban is one of the major draws here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Buddha Air launches Indian flights

A Nepalese airline is planning to launch new flights to India as it continues to expand.

Buddha Air recently developed from a domestic provider in Nepal to an international carrier by introducing flights to Bhutan and is now offering flights to Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh.

"We are starting with a 47-seater aircraft but will switch over to a bigger one once it catches on," Buddha Air's marketing manager, Rupesh Joshi, told IANS.

He added: "By March, we hope to start flights to Kolkata."

The carrier currently operates flights to nine destinations across Nepal and is set to offer three flights per week to Lucknow on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. If successful, Buddha Air has already been granted permission to offer flights to Kolkata, Varanasi and Patna.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Explosive Growth Projections for Flights to India

By 2028, the Indian aviation sector is projected to be worth about $100 billion to $135 billion, which is in tune with the dizzying prediction of approximately $3.1 trillion for the global aircraft market as a whole.

There are massive growth projections for the demand for flights to India (also flights from India) and other Asian destinations, with India alone touted to require approximately 1,032 aircraft by 2028. India is expected to add numerous large aircraft like Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 to its fleet. The figures suggest that the rate of travel by air in India is set to be amongst the highest in the world.

In fact, going by further market tips, the next ten years would see India emerging as the fastest growing nation in terms of air travel, with an average annual increase of 12.2% in domestic air traffic.

According to suggestions forwarded by Boeing, India would require 1,000 commercial jets over the next couple of years. From a business perspective, it appears to be a sound advice to invest in the country’s aviation industry as both high end and lower cost carriers would be in the fray to increase their fleets.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

There is more to India than meets the eye !

There is more to India than meets the eye! I found out on my first encounter with this enigmatic country. The country never ceases to surprise its visitors with its natural grandeur, customs and traditions, an effervescent culture and warmth of its people. It took me far less to fall in love with the country!

Like many others, a date with the Taj Mahal, an astounding architectural marvel unimaginable in the 17th century left me spell bound. Mere glimpse of this grand mausoleum built in white marble where Mumtaz Mahal lies entombed with Shah Jahan, the emperor of India who built it, leaves you wondering about the profundity of their love. I encountered more grandeur as I completed the sightseeing tours of Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Agra, and Fatehpur Sikri.

Having heard a lot about the soothing and comforting Ayurvedic message at a resort in Kerala, I decided to go for it. The immense relaxation which I was till now alien to caused me to wonder how these fifteenth century treatments could heal 21st century stresses.

India, as I realized is one place where new experiences would awaken your spirit and enrich your mind, body and soul.

The travel and tourism industry of India is growing in a fast pace that never expected before. Even recently a huge decline in airfares of airlines has attracted thousands of international travellers to take flights to India. The Common Wealth game in Delhi at 2010 has made it in the list of top travel destinations to visit in 2010. The ever growing commercial sector of India has become the hub of many outsourcing businesses. But there’s more than what meets the eye. Visit the land of world’s most powerful democratic country and find it yourself.

Friday, January 7, 2011

US tourists take flights to India

New figures show that India saw strong visitor numbers from the US, UK and Bangladesh during 2009.

Data from the Tourism Ministry shows that a total of 803,021 people travelled from the US to the country, while 748,765 travelled from the UK and 458,063 came from Bangladesh.

The same three countries lead the visitor numbers in 2008 and reflect the continuing popularity of India. Overall, there were a total of 510,000 foreign visitors in 2008 - an increase of 3.3 per cent compared to 2008 visitor levels.

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Five Reasons to Buy Tickets to Adelaide

The scenic holiday destination of Adelaide has some of the best of nature’s bounty. There are numerous reasons for buying tickets to Adelaide. Some of the popular attractions here are Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Bradman Collection, and Kangaroo Island.

Adelaide, with its scores of natural as well as man made wonders bowls over the most jaded traveller. Verdant parks and manicured gardens, jagged mountain peaks, lush forests, and pristine beaches all vie for attention. Similarly, Adelaide also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of shopping, accommodation, nightlife, food, and entertainment. It is pretty impossible to list down every attraction of this heavenly destination. It is no surprise that with so many attractions, Adelaide is well served by a number of airlines. Here is just a small sampling of some of the most popular places prompting thousands of travellers to stake out tickets for cheap flights to Adelaide amongst other Australian destinations year after year.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

The verdant stretches of Adelaide Botanic Gardens are perfect for catching blissful serene moments. The garden also has some endearing attractions such as the Bicentennial Conservatory, where the ambiance of tropical rainforest has been realistically simulated, the Museum of Economic Botany with its stencilled ceiling, and a distinct prefabricated palm house. The Wittunga Botanic Gardens and the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden are part of the Botanic Gardens as well. The Wittunga Gardens are a popular picnicking spot, while Mount Lofty treats one to delightful plants that flourish there but can’t survive in the warmer climate of the planes below. Usually, all travellers who book flights to Adelaide keep Adelaide Botanic Gardens amongst the top attractions to be explored in the city.

Art Gallery of South Australia

The Art Gallery of South Africa happens to be a major highlight of numerous visitors’ holidays in Adelaide. The works of most of the Australian masters as well as foreign artists adorn the Art Gallery of South Australia. Rodin sculptures are displayed as well. The Elder wing is full of Australia Federation Landscapes as well as Colonial State collections. Overall, the Art Gallery of South Australia is stocked with some 38,000 works of art. One can join either the free audio tour of the Australian section or one of the free guided tours. The art gallery is also known for culinary delights served in its cafĂ©.

Kangaroo Island

The Kangaroo Island is an excellent excuse to mull buying flight tickets to Adelaide. Kangaroos are an inseparable part of the Australian identity and Kangaroo Island is definitely one of the best if not the best place to feel this experience. Besides an abundance of Kangaroos, the island is also home to koalas, pelicans, sea lions, and various species of native Australian animals and birds. The Kangaroo Island is a treat to the eye as well with rugged cliffs, golden beaches, and deep jungles. One can also indulge in the swimming with dolphins experience. A number of spa and massage parlours and art galleries also take care of hedonistic indulgences. Similarly, gourmets have a field day sampling local wines, goats’ cheese, and honey.

Migration Museum

One of the absolutely not to be missed attractions in Adelaide is the Migration Museum. A visit here is like a walk down memory lane, where one is privy to the long ago tales of migrants who flooded into South Australia and made it their home. Besides touching personal stories, one also gets access to information concerning more than 90 different ethnicities.

Bradman Collection

No cricketing enthusiast heads back from holidays in Adelaide without paying tribute to the Bradman Collection at the South Australian Institute building, part of the State Library of SA precinct. The personal memorabilia of the legendary batsman Sir Donald Bradman seems to bring the ‘Don’ back to life. One can also gain an excellent insight into the feats of this legend, which have been lucidly chronicled here.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Event leads to strong Indian hotel demand

The forthcoming Aero India 2011 has lead to many of Bangalore's main hotels being fully booked out. Starting in February 9th, the event is a major international aerospace and defence exhibition that attracts visitors from around the world.

According to the Times of India, the ITC Gardenia, The Leela Palace Kempinski, Vivanta by Taj, The Oberoi and The Taj West End have all been fully booked by visitors for the duration of the exhibition.

In total, those taking flights to India and visitors from within India could rent out around 1,500 rooms over the four days that the event is being held.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finnair announces daily flights to Delhi

Finnair has confirmed that it will increase its flights to Delhi as it expands its Asian services.

The carrier will start offering travellers a total of seven direct flights to the Indian city from January 6th.

"Growth is excellent in our main strategy area, namely Asia-Europe traffic. We have gradually increased flights to a number of Asian destinations, the latest being Delhi," explained Finnair's senior vice-president of commercial division Mika Perho.

Finnair recently increased its services to a number of major cities in Asia including Osaka, Nagoya and Seoul. In addition, the carrier is to offer flights to Singapore from May and to Hong Kong in June.

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Top 5 Preferred Airlines to New York

New York is a top holiday destination and this has made sure that heaps of airlines start operating to the ‘world’s capital.’ While different airlines have different specialities, it is not wrong to say that some stand out from the rest in terms of preference of UK travellers for flights to USA.

Undoubtedly the most famous part of the world, New York is one place where everyone wants to be. The city is the world’s epicentre when it comes to fashion, commerce, art, media, research, technology and just about everything else. Heaps of tourists visit this incredible place every year. Even among Britons, New York remains one of the most desired holiday destinations.

Being such a magnetic tourist attraction, there is a plethora of airlines that operate flights to New York from a number of UK airports. Different travelers have different preference as far as airlines are concerned. Some go for cheap air tickets, while some get enamoured by better in-flight services and still others find entertainment to be the biggest priority while deciding their flights to USA. Each airline has their own set of selling points that might influence New York-bound UK travellers. However, there are certain airlines that are most popular and most preferred by tourists while planning holidays to New York.

Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways is one of the preferred airlines among Britons who look for cheap airline tickets to New York. The airline operates some of the cheapest flights to the USA from the UK. Apart from offering cheap flights from UK to JFK, Kuwait Airways has also been applauded for its air safety programs over the years. It is certified by the American Federal Control Board for meeting the safety conditions. Kuwait Airways additionally received the Air Safety Award 2000 for its outstanding record of air safety.

Kuwait Airways is also a preferred option for individuals looking for a sumptuous array of menus of varied cuisines on-board. The airline even features special menus for passengers with diabetes or high blood pressure.

Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines is a major American airline based in Downtown Houston, Texas. A wholly-owned subsidiary of United Continental Holdings, Continental Airlines is one of the most admired airlines around the world. Preferred by many when it comes to booking flights to USA from London, Continental Airlines has received the award of the Most Admired Global Airline by Fortune Magazine form 2004 to 2009. Being a part of the Star Alliance, Continental Airlines offers a number of the additional perks to its passengers.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic is the choice of those who seek luxury while they travel. One of the most luxurious airlines operating around the globe, Virgin Atlantic features the finest Upper Class cabin that combines traditional First and Business Classes.

Each Upper Class seat has a multi-directional television screen with video-on-demand measuring 10.4 inches across. The airline also offers eyeshades, earplugs, toothpaste, moisturiser, razors, sewing kits and collar stiffeners for Upper Class passengers. For those feel like getting pampered, an in-flight beauty therapy service available on flights from LHR to JFK.

Virgin Atlantic won the award for Best Business/First Class along with other awards at 2010 British Travel Awards.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is an American-based airline that is headquartered in Atlanta and is one of the largest in the world. Delta Air Lines serves approximately 160 million travellers each year and has an extensive global network that incorporates over 350 destinations in nearly 70 countries.

Delta is the official airline and a partner of Madison Square Garden and its properties, such as the New York Knicks, the New York Rangers, Radio City Music Hall and the Beacon Theatre (New York City).

Several UK travellers looking for cheap flights, better in-flight services and overall quality book with Delta Air Lines which is also a founding member of SkyTeam.

American Airlines

American Airlines is a major American airline that offers daily flights from London Heathrow to JFK. The airline also operates flights from LHR to LaGuardia Airport. American Airlines is world's second-largest airline in terms of passenger miles transported as well as operating revenues.

Being a part of the Oneworld airline alliance, the passengers of American Airlines have access to various perks and amenities.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

South East England Airports may get Costlier

London Heathrow Airport as well as other South-East England airports may well become costlier for travellers. The government is planning to study proposals for hiking airport taxes for passengers buying their tickets with these airports and a lower tax on travel from other regions like Northern England airports. Plans are being considered for using Birmingham as a London overspill airport. The objective behind these plans is to relieve the overburdened South East England airports off some of the flight traffic. Presently, London Heathrow and other South East England airports popular for the availability of cheap flights to various destinations serve almost eighty per cent of the UK flights.

Reactions from Different Quarters

Different sections have put forth different reactions to the proposed hike. Read on for what everyone has to say.

Passengers and Regional Operators

Passengers already feel that they are being overtaxed on their tickets, especially in view of the facilities being offered at these airports. This was all the more evident when Heathrow recently failed to handle the snow situation. According to certain regional operators, uniform tax hike will prompt bigger airlines to pull out from their airports in favour of the South East England airports. Some of these big airlines are well known for their cheap flight operations.

British Airports Authority (BAA)

Since 2006, the Airport Passenger Duty (APD) has seen a more than four fold rise on air tickets. According to a BAA spokesman ‘We already have the highest aviation tax in the world in the UK and if we are looking at increasing taxes on Heathrow - the UK's only hub airport - we will simply make the country less competitive’.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Latest UK Airports and Flights Information

A slight improvement in the weather conditions of Europe has resulted in the resumption of flights from different airports. So far, hundreds of passengers have faced inconveniences, especially at London Heathrow Airport.

In what spells as a tremendous relief for air ticket holders in the UK, airlines are slowly but steadily on the way to resume services. Normal operations have been reported at Manchester, Stansted, Luton and London City airports. The last week led to the grounding of hundreds of flights to and from the UK owing to immense snowfalls. However, a let up in the situation facilitated different airports as well as other transport hubs in clearing up part of the accumulated backlog of passengers. Here is a little detailed information on the latest developments.

London Heathrow Airport

The British Airports Authority announced that London Heathrow would now operate to its full capacity. A number of flights that had been diverted earlier have now been rescheduled to fly from Heathrow as planned earlier. To cite an example, the Etihad flights EY017 and EY018, will take off from Heathrow as per initial schedule and will not be diverted to Manchester. Etihad also announced a refund of travel expenditure for passengers who had fixed travel plans to Manchester. The refund would be according to the terms and conditions of the airline. However, like other airports, London Heathrow has also advised passengers to travel to the airport only if their flights are confirmed by their airlines.

The Heathrow Airport is known for serving not only numerous international and regional full service airlines, but also a high volume of budget carriers offering cheap flights to different parts of the world.

Gatwick Airport

Thanks to the laborious efforts of the cleaning crew, the Gatwick Airport also resumed services from Tuesday. However, passengers have been warned of knock-on delays due to heavy snowfall covering many parts of Northern Europe.


As per reports trickling in, the snow has been cleared away from the Edinburgh and Glasgow airports. However, passengers need to be prepared for inevitable cancellations and delays. These delays are plaguing Aberdeen as well.

British Airways’ Loss

British Airways is perhaps the hardest hit airline due to the snow. According to analysts, the airline has been suffering losses to the tune of £8m to £10m. However, the airline announced the confirmation of its schedules for today, 22nd December and that the schedules for 23rd and 24th December will be confirmed as soon as they are finalised. This means, people who had booked advance tickets with British Airways in the hopes of netting cheap flights, still stand the chance of utilising their tickets.

British Airports Authority (BAA) faces criticism

British Airports Authority has been under fire for failing to handle the snowfall at London Heathrow Airport. In fact, many quarters have demanded a probe into BAA’s response to the situation. The call for probe has also been backed by the Association of British Travel Agents.