Friday, July 29, 2011

American Airlines launches Road Warrior competition

Travellers taking cheap flights to India using American Airlines could win themselves another holiday by signing up for a new contest.

The Road Warrior prize draw, now in its tenth year, will see winners rewarded with treats such as a week-long stay in Hawaii, a year's Avis President's Club membership and American Airlines Admirals Club association.

If people want to enter the competition, they only need to fill out a questionnaire and a series of fun tasks on the carrier's website by August 31st 2011.

More than 54,000 have taken part in the Road Warrior contest over the years and the next winners will receive the additional prize of featuring on the front cover of the March 2012 edition of American Way.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bangkok – A Convenient and Economical Destination

Bangkok holiday shows high in the list of cheap destinations that many Britons would like to visit. Thailand has been a haven for the holiday lovers during chilling winters here in Britain. The choices are absolutely limitless, be it any element of one’s travel to Thailand.

Bangkok enjoys a plethora of flights operated from the UK airports by a vast number of airlines.

A great choice of one-stop or non-stop flights to Bangkok is available to travellers. London Heathrow has most of the direct flights apart from some of the cheap flights to Bangkok.

Some travellers are able to book tickets on multi stop flights to reduce their travel cost further, although this may not always result in cheaper airfares.

Bangkok, due to its great connectivity, climate and attractions and activities makes for a wonderful destination for those looking forward to a two centre holiday. One can take double advantage out of one’s holiday by combining Bangkok with an enroute stopover destination. Or just choose Bangkok as the first halt before heading to farther Pacific destinations. Enquire about Stop over Accommodation (STPC) with your travel agent who would be able to offer you a deal. Don’t forget to check the visa and other entry information!

Talking about hotels, travellers on shoe string budget travel (and it is indeed possible to have one in case of Bangkok!) have no dearth of cheap hotels in Bangkok.

Most cheap hotels are able to offer facilities and amenities of a decent standard. However, travellers must research well before agreeing with the travel agent to book one.

Sunglasses and eye drops could help holidaymakers in India

Anyone taking cheap flights to India soon will be well aware of how hot and sunny the country can get, with a medical source offering recommendations on how to look after one's eyes on vacation.

Nick Atkins, an ambassador for Rohto Dry Eye Relief, pointed out that eye drops can be useful, particularly since there are so many environments when travellers may have problems.

He noted that people could encounter issues in planes or trains when the air conditioning is on at a high level, or simply in countries where the climate is dry.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Craft Shows at Chautauqua make Flights to New York Popular

Arts and Crafts lovers who plan to book flights to New York would do well to visit a not to miss arts and crafts shows that unfurl in the charming surroundings of the Chautauqua Institution in the Chautauqua County, New York State.

The Craft Shows at Chautauqua are one of the most prominent shows on America’s East coast. The participation of the accomplished and veteran crafts designers and their uniquely designed crafts on the display have taken the Chautauqua crafts scene to new heights in the region. Presented by the Crafts Alliance, the shows are held at the grounds of Chautauqua Institution. There are two juried shows which are held on the weekends. This season the first show is scheduled from July 8 to 10 and the second from August 12 to14. The shows are on from 10:30am to 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays while on Sundays the timings are 12pm to 5pm.

The work of accomplished and award winning artists from all across the country is featured in these shows. The visitors are spoilt for choice with beautifully crafted and designed objects and a wide price range is made available for crafts fans interested in souvenir shopping. The impressive crafts items exhibited here are sure to influence even the most discerning of all arts and crafts fan. The number of visitors to the Crafts Show runs in thousands and many fans book cheap flights to New York in advance to be a part of these shows.

A sample of the work from the highly skilled participants can be accessed from the Crafts Alliance’s website. The website has the list of all the participants along with the information on the category of their craft items. Most participants have also given links to their personal websites.

The experience at the crafts shows at Chautauqua can be clubbed with an exploration of the Institution’s picturesque surroundings and lush vegetation sprawling across 750-acre.

Chautauqua Institution

A world class cultural centre, the Chautauqua Institution is also a sprawling summer resort located in Chautauqua town of Chautauqua County, New York. Chautauqua Institution Historic District is a preserved site of historical significance and shows on the US government’s National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) besides being a National Historic Landmark in the United States. The Institution features a 9-week summer season which starts from late June and lasts until late August and is focused on education, art, religion, recreation and entertainment.

The spectacular lake side setting of the institution adds a unique charm to the site and make it popular summer jaunt for many travellers who book tickets on flights to New York and arrive in Chautauqua Institution to revitalize mind, body and soul.

Chautauqua – Recreation

A number of recreation facilities include 36 championship holes Chautauqua Golf Club, Chautauqua Tennis Center, Chautauqua Health and Fitness, the John R. Turney Sailing Center, four public beaches including one popular for children. Besides, Chautauqua Sports Club offers activities ranging from shuffleboard to lawn bowling, kayaking.

The Chautauqua Town gets its name from the Chautauqua Lake that is beautifully nestled in the Chautauqua County. Lake Erie also adds to the charm of the county and lures in a number of travellers on holidays.

Arriving in Chautauqua

Travellers booking flights to New York can include Chautauqua conveniently in their travel. Cheap flights to New York are available in plenty and travellers booking these can connect to a domestic flight to Jamestown airport in the Chautauqua County and arrive at Chautauqua town, home to Chautauqua Institution. Chautauqua is only 17 miles northwest of Jamestown.

Accommodation in Chautauqua Institution

The Spencer hotel is a wonderful choice for those planning to stay at the Chautauqua Institution. The hotel is a four-season Western New York Theme Hotel and Resort and offers comfortable rooms which are dedicated to authors. The information about the hotel and the deals can be accessed on the hotel’s website on the internet.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Consider ethical issues when exploring India

Anyone who has taken advantage of cheap flights to India could follow the advice of one travel expert and take into account ethical issues during their trip.

Editor of Wanderlust Dan Linstead explained that there are various strands to consider for people who want to reduce the negative impact of their journey, ranging from supporting local businesses to visiting less well-known landmarks.

He pointed out that doing plenty of research before heading off is one of the most important things to do, adding that a good guidebook can be a valuable asset when it comes to preparing a memorable trip.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gay tourism 'on the up in India'

An increasing number of homosexual tourists are considering flights to Goa and other Indian destinations, according to an industry source.

Speaking to the Times of India, gay travel expert Sanjay Malhotra claimed the city is popular with both domestic and international visitors, alongside Khujaraho, Varanasi and Kerala.

The publication noted that more companies are offering packages that pledge homosexual tourists will not suffer any negative incidents in the traditionally conservative country.

"Customised packages - everything from yoga, spiritual, weddings, honeymoon or even surrogacy tours - are the main attractions for foreign gay tourists to India," added Abhinav Goel, who founded his own agency dedicated to gay travel.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Not to Miss on Holidays to Bangkok

The wonder and the splendour of Bangkok reflect in its vibrant culture, enchanting locals, incredible food and remarkable shopping. But it is the regal charm of its attractions that makes flights to Bangkok so popular all over the world.

Bangkok is an incredible holiday destination that enjoys massive popularity all across the world. People of all ages and with all kinds of budgets can be seen rummaging around for tickets on flights to this terrific Thai city.

A plethora of enchanting attractions, the wonderful amalgamation of traditional and modern, great climatic conditions all year round and brilliant hospitality of the locals make flights to Bangkok a revered commodity among keen vacationers. Airlines, too, understand the worth of Bangkok as a travel destination and most of them offer a number of flights to Bangkok.

Tourists who truly wish to explore the magnificence of this mesmerising city would do well to check out the following must-visit attractions on their tour of this Thai city.

Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson House is an attractive traditional Thai house that is a repository of antiques and Thai handicraft. Jim Thompson was an American who is accredited with revolutionising Thailand’s silk industry. His house is a museum of sorts and contains remarkable assortment of antiques from all across the Southeast Asia.

Grand Palace

A visit to Grand Palace is must for any leisure traveller who books flight tickets to Bangkok. The place exhibits the grandeur and the regal splendour that is associated with the Thai royals. Millions of tourists visit this dazzling complex of palaces each year to get bewildered by the opulence and the delicate construction style of the Grand Palace.

Wat Po

It is a breathtaking complex of fantastic temples featuring elaborate patterns and designs. The massive 45-metre long reclining Buddha is undoubtedly the biggest charm at Wat Po that compels people to look for cheap airfares on flights to Bangkok. Wat Po is also a popular centre for traditional Thai massage.

Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World is one of the more contemporary charms of Bangkok. It is one of the largest aquariums in Asia and holds as many as 30,000 marine animals and nearly 400 aquatic species. Among them some of the popular ones are Stingrays, Leafy Sea Dragons and Blue Ringed Octopus. Siam Ocean World is located in Siam Paragon, a world class shopping and entertainment centre for holiday makers.

Floating Markets

The Floating Markets of Bangkok provide a wonderful experience to tourists on city tour. It surely is a unique experience for the visitors to shop around for fresh vegetables and fruits on boats. Colourful merchants, fun bargaining and vivacious atmosphere add further zing to the experience. It is a must visit for tourists who are on restricted budget and who book cheap flights to Bangkok as the markets offer some wonderful bargains for them.

Rama VIII Bridge

Rama VIII Bridge is a wonderful component of Bangkok's scintillating skyline. It is a single tower cable-stayed bridge that spans across the Chao Phraya River and offers some arresting views of the river and the region.

Democracy Monument

Bangkok’s Democracy Monument commemorates the June 1932 revolution that ended the rule of absolute monarchy in Thailand. The structure consists of four wings, each of which is 24m high. The monument was designed by an Italian artist and sculptor, Corrado Feroci.

Lumpini Park

The Lumpini Park, located right in the heart of the city, offers a refuge of nature to worn out city dwellers. The tranquillity of the place is infectious and lends transcendence to the lives of people. The Lumpini Park too is popular among tourists as this is the place where they get to greet the actual life of Bangkok. The presence of many food vendors offering scrumptious delicacies also attracts tourists towards the Lumpini Park.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Enjoy Indian Independence Day in Delhi

Indian Independence Day is coming up later next month, giving travellers who have taken cheap flights to Delhi the chance to celebrate a national landmark.

On August 15th each year, the prime minister of India gives a speech to the people, with 2011 set to be the 64th anniversary of the country's separation from British rule.

The politician speaks from the ramparts of the Red Fort in Delhi, with families across the nation gathering to celebrate India's independence.

It is a national holiday in the nation and there are various traditions that have been upheld over the years, such as the hoisting of the flag.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Discover Bandish in Mumbai

An upcoming classical music festival gives people who have taken cheap flights to Mumbai the chance to explore a host of major names in the country's canon.

Running from July 7th to 9th at the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA), the show features the subtitle 'A Festival of Legendary Indian Composers'.

Speaking to the Indian Express, NCPA programming head of music Dr Suvarnalata Rao pointed out that it is not just foreigners who are ignorant of the nation's talent in this area, but local people too.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Delhi 'in the hunt for world heritage status

More travellers could be tempted to book cheap flights to Delhi if the Indian capital's attempt to become the first world heritage-rated city in the country proves successful.

According to the Times of India, heritage organisation the India National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage has submitted an application to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) calling for Delhi to be included on Unesco's nomination list.

However, the city will have to overcome stiff competition from Ahmedabad if it is to land the prestigious recognition.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Attractions and Charms that Make Flights to Bangkok Popular

Known as the 'Venice of the East', Bangkok is a vibrant and fascinating city that is huge hit among holiday makers all across the world. Southern Asia’s biggest tourism hub, Bangkok lures tourists with its wonderful temples, scintillating culture, amazing night life and remarkable food.

The city’s impressive diversity is reflected through the towering skyscrapers that soar over the ornate temples, floating markets that compete with plush malls and upscale restaurants that get a run for their money from the roadside eateries! With so much on offer, it really is no surprise that flight tickets on airlines to Bangkok are so highly sought after.

It is really very hard to ignore the radiance and allure of Bangkok, therefore millions book flights to Bangkok each year. If you wish to do the same, below listed are few Bangkok attractions that just cannot be missed on your holidays in the city.

Royal Grand Palace

A tour to Bangkok would not be complete without a visit to the Grand Palace. It is a highly significant historical structure that makes for a wonderful sightseeing attraction. The palace’s complex features Wat Phra Khaeo, one of the Thailand’s most popular temples. Wat Phra Khaeo is home to the renowned Emerald Buddha. Royal Grand Palace is surely one of the biggest attractions for people looking for cheap flights to Bangkok.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, is one of the oldest and biggest temples in the city. The magnificent gold plated statue of the reclining Buddha is a huge attraction here and has been alluring people from all corners of the globe. The temple has also made a name for itself in the field of traditional massage and herbal medication.

The National Museum

National Museum is one of the largest of its kind in Asia and holds a massive collection of valuables that portray the grandeur of the region through the different ages. The museum is indeed a great place to learn new things about Thai culture and history. The Teak Pavilion is considered to be the biggest highlight of the National Museum among tourists who book flights to Bangkok.


Chinatown attracts visitors with its own kind of charm. It is a bustling area that is dotted with tiny shops plying their trade and offering almost everything under the sun! Most foreign tourists who visit the chaotic Chinatown are pleasantly overwhelmed with the vibrancy and liveliness that are the hallmarks of this place. A number of restaurants serving the most delicious of Chinese food can also be found here.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun is a glittering temple that is beautifully decorated with colourful tiles and holds a high visual appeal among visitors. Wat Arun is regarded as one of the most important temples in Bangkok.

Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson House is an attractive house that is built from multiple traditional teak structures belonging to different parts of Thailand. The house belonged to Jim Thompson, an American who revolutionised Thai silk industry. The house-museum features a remarkable collection of art and antiques accumulated by Mr Thompson.

Floating Markets

Bangkok is brimming with glitzy shopping malls and high-end boutique stores but it is the unique experience of shopping at the Floating Markets that makes Bangkok such a hit among all kinds of shoppers. These markets are huge hit among travellers who seek cheap airfares on flights to Bangkok as there are number of cheap bargains available here for them.

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is the perfect refuge from hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan Bangkok. The park offers open public space and playgrounds, and also features a lake where visitors can rent boats. Lumpini Park additionally boasts of a variety of Thai restaurants that serve scrumptious cuisines.