Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Melbourne - A Must on Your Australian Itinerary

Melbourne is one of the most loved tourist attractions in Australia. Great culture and an appealing historical heritage make flights to Melbourne one of the most sought after. Look out for those Melbourne holiday packages that incorporate the true essence of the place.

Often regarded as the ‘world's most liveable city’, Melbourne is the marvellous melting pot of Australia. Consider this! Melbourne has the largest Greek city population outside Greece as well as the biggest Italian city population outside Italy. If that’s not enough, the cosmopolitan of Melbourne boasts of a mix of Chinese, Vietnamese, Jewish and Arabic-speaking communities.

Flamboyant Victorian-era architecture and verdant conventional boulevards reflect the glorious history of the city, while cutting-edge growth personifies its inscrutable contemporary style. But to its credit, Melbourne keeps its urban frenzy to a delightful slow pace, much to the amusement of holiday travellers to the city.

Popular city with travellers and travel agents alike

Holiday makers in Melbourne are spoilt for choices with the city featuring and producing some of the world’s finest art, music, cuisine, fashion and performance. There is a plethora of cultural festivals, performances, art galleries and museums to titillate and engage the visitors. Over the period of time, the city has emerged as a big tourist hot spot which has led to an increase in the number of flights to Melbourne from around the world. Britons who are smitten by this lovely place need not fret as several Melbourne flights are available from London.

With it being such a famous holiday spot, Melbourne is also one of the most competitive destinations for travel agents. Travel agencies hope to offer the best possible holiday deals including real cheap flights to their clients. And this means more options and choices for travellers. Check out details of different holiday packages offered by different travel agents and choose the one that suits you the best. A little research on major Melbourne attractions will only make the travellers more prepared.

Unique Attractions and Activities

The enigmatic city of Melbourne boasts of several unique attractions that ensure a perpetual flow of visitors.

Comedy Festival

The cultural hub of Australia, Melbourne witnesses a splurge of visitors from around the globe during the famous Melbourne International Comedy Festival, an annual event. Anyone who is looking for a healthy laugh can grab cheap flights to Australia and come down to Melbourne to get a taste of the world’s finest stand-up comedy and comic performances.

Winery tours

Wine production in Melbourne is an attraction in itself. Few holiday packages also include winery tours. At √Član Vineyard and Winery one can experience some of the finest vintage wines in Australia.

Heritage of the city

A holiday tour to Melbourne’s attractions is the best way to experience the vibrant cultural and historical heritage of the city. Tour the gold mining towns, and sample the intricate architecture dating back to the Victorian era. Look out for a travel agent who offers holiday packages that feature such guided tours.

Aboriginal Heritage Walk

The heritage of the Aboriginals, who were the original occupants of most parts of the country including Melbourne, is also prominently visible in the functioning and working of the city. Tourists can take the Guided Aboriginal Heritage Walk and experience the way and life of the Aboriginals first hand. Travellers can also witness some of the finest the Aboriginal art, whose uniqueness and distinct style sets it apart from other art forms.

Overall, Melbourne is a terrific spot for fun and interesting holidays as the place thrives with wonderful modern attractions, stimulating cultural scene and features a historical heritage that remains unparallel in the region. Opt for a Melbourne holiday package that features the essence of the city and answers hows and whys of the place. This will make your holidays truly memorable. Choosing a Melbourne travel package that incorporates cheap flights to Australia won’t hurt the traveller either.

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