Wednesday, February 2, 2011

North East India: Fusion of Beauty, Heritage and Serenity

North-East India is a wonderful tourist destination that remains yet to be fully explored by the tourists. Grab flights to India and land up in the North East if you wish to seek something unique, beautiful and exciting.

Wow!! This is how you summarize the natural splendors of North East India in just one word. The tempting land of North East India is perhaps the world’s most eco-friendly region, and the one that is still to be touched and explored by humanity. An isolated mystery yet to be solved – that’s how you define the enigmatic North East.

Being a potential tourist hotspot, North-East India attracts a number of travel agents who are able to tailor packages including tickets on cheap flights to the region. Several UK based tour operators also offer air tickets on cheap flights. It is best to do some research regarding airfares and airlines before actually approaching the agents for the air tickets. As there are no international airports operating in this part of India, different airlines have different stopovers in the country.

Hill Stations

The hill stations of North-East India reflect the nature in its purest form. Abundant in beauty, the hill stations offer a refuge away from the hustle and bustle of city life. These locales indeed offer a holidays of a lifetime - holidays with memories that will last long and will bring smile to your face every time you think of them! Be it snow clad mountains or verdant valleys – hill stations at North East India are indeed beguiling and the reason behind the swelling numbers of tourists interested in flights to India. Some of the region’s top hill stations are listed below:


Located in the paradisiacal Himalayas, Gangtok is a wonderful tourist destination that is a perfect amalgamation of modernity and traditional. The inspiring hills of Gangtok are truly enthralling and seem to appear straight out of fairy tales.


Shillong, known as the 'Scotland of East', is the capital city of Meghalaya. One visit to the region and you will realise how partial the nature has been to Shillong. Mesmerizing waterfalls, tall pine trees and lofty mountains all come together to make Shillong a world class tourist destination.

Assam Tea Gardens

The Indian state of Assam is world famous for producing tea which is known for its aroma and colour. Tea gardens in Assam sprawl over hundreds of acres, and play a very pivotal part in the state’s economy. However, it is not too wrong to say that apart from the commercial aspect, Assam tea gardens are great tourist magnets. Be it wandering through the lush green tea gardens, observing the art of plucking tea leaves or relishing a cup of lip-smacking tea – a visit to the tea gardens of the Assam will surely leave you smitten with the place!

Assam also hosts an annual 'Tea Festival' in the month of November where one can sample different kinds of tea. The period is perfect to grab tickets on cheap flights to India as it is also the ideal time for outdoor sightseeing in other parts of India. Travelers must book early to avoid spiraling airfares!

Kaziranga National Park

The oldest National Park of Assam, Kaziranga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses the highest number of tigers among all the protected areas around the world. Apart from tigers, one can spot elephants, water buffalos, swamp deer, leopards, Sloth Bear, Golden Jackal, Chinese Ferret Badgers and much more. Kaziranga National Park also boasts of a rich topography that includes elephant grass, rugged reeds, marshes and pools. Recognised by Birdlife International, Kaziranga National Park is also a big hit among bird watchers. Bird species like Ferruginous Duck, Baer's Pochard duck, Lesser Adjutant, Black-necked Stork and Asian Openbill can be found here.

North-East India has its own share of problems and issues, and it is best to consult relevant sources, one of which is Foreign and Commonwealth Office, before embarking on a journey towards this magnificent piece of land.

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