Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Destination Madhya Pradesh – A Unique Resaon to book Flights to India

Board one of the cheap flights to India and explore its key cultural and religious hub. Consecrated with some of the worlds most celebrated sites, contrasting arts & crafts and vibrant fairs & festival, Indian state of Madhya Pradesh seems an ultimate destination.

Centrally studded on the subcontinent of India symbolizing its affluent cultural and natural heritage, Madhya Pradesh is aptly called the heart of India. The state is one of the main cultural and religious hubs of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam, is festooned with some of the marvels gifted by all these religions and various tribal communities.

Exploring the multihued allures of this state has become quite easier as many airlines operate numerous flights to India at very reasonable airfares. All one needs to do is pick out the destinations of choice and get in touch with an India expert travel agent for cheap air tickets on flights to India.

Sneaking a quick look over the state’s allures will make your trip more enthusiastic and smoother.

  • Khajuraho temples
Celebrated as 'A World Heritage Site', Khajuraho comprises 9th to 12th century temples with exquisitely carved sculptures depicting erotic fantasy. Lost for centuries and rediscovered by the British, 20 of these temples still stand reasonably preserved.

  • Quaint hills of Satpura at Pachmarhi
An enchanting hill station with cascading waterfalls, ravines, soothing pools and a labyrinth of gorges graven in red sandstone presents a natural bliss to the visitors.

  • The Sanchi Stupa
One of the oldest Buddhist Stupas in the world, this masterpiece of classical art was built by Emperor Asoka.

  • Kanha National Park
Often known as the Tiger State, it is the Asia’s largest tiger reserve. Moreover, the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, with one third of its area covered by forests, has almost 11 national parks and thirty one wildlife sanctuaries.

The Outstanding Arts And Crafts

The magnificent and contrasting variety of arts and crafts in Madhya Pradesh reveals its rich cultural and tribal heritage. It includes carpet weaving, textile weaving, stone-carving, metalwork, bamboo work, pottery, paintings, ornaments & jewellery, dolls & toys, printing and woodcarving.

Dynamic and Pulsating Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and festivals have always remained the most intriguing facets of any destination. Especially, when you talk about it in a phenomenal Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, the time-honoured fairs and festivals reveal its affluent social hues. Moreover, a few tribal festivals such as Jhabua and Bastar are found real exciting with those riveting cock fighting episodes, candid dancing and drinking bouts etc. However, the Khajuraho Festival of Dances and the Tansen Music Festival in Gwalior, which present the exotic performances on Indian classical dance and music are the most sought after events.

Shopping in Madhya Pradesh

Shopping in Madhya Pradesh is picking one of rarest products which are an ultimate fusion of the ethnic charm with a contemporary stroke. Shopping is believed to be one of the most exciting aspects of a trip to Madhya Pradesh. You are sure to get tempted to buy those stuffs with intricate handicraft works made by the skilled labours. Different cities are famous for different products when it comes to shopping in Madhya Pradesh. Shopping in Gwalior is famous for items like hand-woven carpets, lacquer ware, dolls, wall hangings and jewellery while Jabalpur is famous for some of the best souvenirs and gifts shops.

Great Choice on Flights to India

Air India, Jet Airways and Kingfisher are some of the airlines that operate flights to India from UK airports. Numerous airlines offer cheap tickets to India which swarm the internet sites. These tickets can be booked online as well as with the travel agents who can tailor one’s holidays as per one’s preferences. Factors such as indirect or hopping flights and baggage allowance are most important to consider while booking cheap flights to India and travel agents are able to guide the travellers correctly on these factors. Booking air tickets on indirect flights can certainly reduce the cost of one’s travel. It is believed by many that airlines with origin that of the destination are able to offer a higher free baggage allowance included in the airfares.

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