Thursday, February 10, 2011

Discover the best of Asia – Get on Flights to Colombo

Sri Lanka is well-renowned among tourists for offering great diversity in everything there is to experience and Colombo, its capital city, is perhaps the perfect illustration of the diversity that the country so proudly and rightfully boasts of!

An extremely amazing holiday destination, Colombo is as diversified as it gets – be it culture, food or people! Grab flights to Colombo and experience the multiplicity of cultures yourself! Find ancient, grand colonial structures standing next to the glamorous and trendy contemporary architecture as you traverse the city.

Apart from its very apparent diversity, Colombo is known for its startling beauty that is portrayed brilliantly though it’s verdant greens. In fact, you might be even surprised by the pockets of greenery that adorn the land even as the industrialised Colombo rides the tide of development. The Fort, Dutch Period Museum, Buddhist and Hindu temples and beaches are few of the major Colombo attractions that make cheap flights to Colombo as popular as the city itself.

Air Services to Colombo

There is no shortage of airlines offering services to and from Colombo. Sri Lankan Airlines, the national carrier is perhaps one of the most preferred ones by the travellers. Flights to Colombo are available from different parts Europe, United States, Southeast Asia and China. Qatar Airlines and Emirates are other popular options among European travellers. Holiday makers who plan early and conduct proper research can land up with cheap tickets to Colombo, special travel packages and other exciting deals.

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