Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mumbai wins 'unique hotel award'

Le Sutra in Mumbai has been named India's Most Unique Hotel at the Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards (IHEA).

Ranjan Gupta, head of operations at Le Sutra, explained to HBI that the award recognised the work the hotel has done to promote the region's culture and art.

Mitali Bajaj, head of the design studio that created Le Sutra, said: "Our uniqueness lies in the hotel being a virtual art installation where every element narrates a story from Indian ethos.

"Here you could live in the rooms of Ravana, Karna or Buddha as comfortable and plush as any five-star hotel."

The hotel has three-storeys and a total of 16 rooms that could appeal to Brits taking flights to Mumbai who are looking for unusual accommodation for their trip.

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