Sunday, January 23, 2011

Affordable Orlando Vacations – Some Ideas

Orlando is the biggest tourist attraction for families in the US. Hugely popular among Britons, Orlando vacations can be anything but cheap. However with proper planning and some common sense, cheap flights to Orlando may not be the only cheap thing you can have.

Regarded as the ‘vacation capital of the world’, Orlando is an exceptional place to have wonderful family holidays. Incredible tourist destinations, amazing weather conditions, interesting day time activities and vivacious nightlife options all merge together to make Orlando one of the biggest tourist destinations in the United States. But what really stands out as the most luminous star among the galaxy of city attractions are undoubtedly the world famous theme parks. No wonder, Florida is almost a permanent part of holiday travel itineraries and air tickets to Orlando are as popular among families as loosing weight is among New Year Resolutions. However, it has to be said that Orlando is not the cheapest of holiday destinations around. World class entertainment comes at a price, and Orlando is a living and thriving proof of that.

It is imperative for budget travellers to plan meticulously in order to enjoy wonderful Orlando holidays without having to break the bank. Through creativity and resourcefulness, holiday makers can have a vacation that's affordable apart from being memorable.

Tour operators and travel portals offer great discount vacation packages to different destinations from time to time. One can check out different websites for any promotional offers going on. Travel agents specialising in Orlando holidays, in particular, can churn out some of the finest deals for you that may include cheap flights to Orlando as well as budget accommodations.


One of the most expensive aspects of any vacation is the accommodation, and it is also the one area where people can save the most. First of all, it is best to do some research regarding the accommodation options available around the region. Look out for those which offer the best value for your hard earned money. Additionally, it is not a bad idea to stay in a city that is close to Orlando, and not Orlando itself. Travellers will surely find a better deal at a hotel in Kissimmee, where hotels are much cheaper than those in Orlando. One can also look out for affordable Orlando Vacation Rentals; and for those tight-pocketed travellers who would like to stay inside a theme park, the Disney World offers budget accommodations.


There are number of airlines that operate cheap flights to Orlando from different UK cities. With an extensive internet research you can land up with cheap air tickets to Orlando. It would also be smart to look out for air tickets to Orlando during the off-peak season when airfares are generally lower.

For getting around in Orlando, budget travellers would like to skip cabs and taxis as they can cause your expenses to shoot upwards. Buses are possibly the best mode of transportation for tourists aiming towards some savings. It is also advisable to choose a hotel that offers free shuttle service to the airport as well as major city landmarks.


Food expenses are the most ‘innocent’ seeming expenditures that can really jack up your travel budget. As one generally does not pay a big amount on food at a one go, it is easy to loose track of your expenses on this. A heavy meal in the morning at the free breakfast buffet of the hotel will surely take you a long way during the day. It is also worth remembering that food inside the theme parks is extremely costly, sometimes even the triple of the original cost. Avoid buying food from inside the theme parks to cut down on your food bills.

Orlando holidays may seem like a very expensive vacation. However, with few practical trips and some common sense one need not drill a hole in their pockets to enjoy a fine family holiday.

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