Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Irresistible Beach Excuses to Buy Air Tickets to Miami

A major draw behind buying air tickets to Miami is the numerous beaches of the destination. Almost every type of beach to be found here, spanning categories like best sun tanning, best family spot, best shell hunting, best wind surfing, most tranquil. Read on for more.

Nestling in the sunshine state of Florida, Miami captivates with its numerous crowd magnets. Year after year, dozens of families save hard to buy their tickets for one of the cheap flights to Miami during their vacations. The soaring popularity of the destination has also prompted a number of airlines to operate flights to the destination. Although, Miami has excellent restaurants, great shopping, and a smashing nightlife, the destination’s main claim to fame is its beaches.

Crandon Park

Crandon Park Beach is one of the best beaches for wild parties as well as spending quality time with the family. The Crandon offers some three miles of oceanfront beach and lots of merry folks gyrate to the beats of disco, reggae, salsa, and other music blaring from almost every corner of the beach. The beach also has the ‘Amusement Center’, which is a hit with kids with its carousel, splash fountain, outdoor roller link, and playground. The beach also has acres of parks, plenty of bar be cue grills, an eighteen hole championship golf course, numerous football and softball fields, and opportunities for kayaking and snorkelling.

Lummus Park Beach

The Lummus Park Beach is a hot place for spying upon bathing beauties and almost every other species of beach birds. Going topless is legal here and a bevy of young women fully exploit the opportunity to get a tan and maybe flaunt their fabulous bodies. The beach is also used for various photo shoots and there is a lot of scope for watching models and a little bit of showbiz.

Haulover Beach

This beach is very popular among surfing enthusiasts as some of the biggest swells of Miami’s seas end up here. The beach is also a great place for getting a full body tan as there is a designated area where nude bathing is permitted. In fact, Haulover Beach is probably Florida’s only legal ‘clothing optional’ beach and nudists from different parts of the world buy their air tickets to Miami to gather here. However, they are well out of the view of families and there is no reason for anyone to feel uncomfortable.

Matheson Hammock Park Beach

The waters here are extremely calm as the beach has an artificially made lagoon and it is fed by the tidal movement of the adjoininig Biscayne Bay. This makes it a very popular beach for families with small children. The bathroom facilities are also quite hygienic.

12th Street Beach

The 12th Street Beach of South Beach is supposed to be the best beach for checking out the gay scene of Miami. This predominant gay haunt is also well known for quite a few wild South Beach parties.

Hobie Beach

The Hobie Beach is extremely popular for wind surfing. Technically, it is not a beach but the winds here are very predictable and there are numerous places renting out windsurfing boards.

85th Street Beach

Many people who enjoy a nice quiet swim head to the 85th Beach, along Collins Avenue. The beach is patrolled by lifeguards throughout the day and the lack of looming hotels and condominiums ensure a sense of delicious privacy.

Bal Harbour Beach

Plenty of colourful shells dot the sands of Bal Harbour Beach and make it a shell hunter’s paradise. Although, there are no lifeguards and changing and toilet facilities, the beach does offer good shade and an exercise course.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

The Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is like an oasis of serenity, where one can connect with nature. A historic lighthouse, captivating tropical wilderness nature trails, and more than a mile of dazzling unbroken beach sand make it a tranquil paradise.

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