Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kingfisher Frequent Flyer Programme

King Club, the loyalty programme of Kingfisher Airlines, is counted amongst the best available frequent flyer programmes. A Skytrax rated 5 star airline, Kingfisher is a preferred choice and often comes up with cheap fares for flights to India and other destinations.

King Club, the frequent flyer programme of Kingfisher Airlines is amongst the most rewarding frequent flyer programmes. This loyalty programme offers a plethora of benefits to its patrons. As far as membership goes, besides basic membership, there are four tiers across King Club, namely King Red, King Silver, King Gold and King Platinum. Every tier comes with its own set of special privileges such as cheap and discounted tickets, lounge access, and upgrade vouchers to name just a few.

It is important to point here that the airline is a Skytrax rated 5 Star airline and apart from popular loyalty programme, offers some of the best services in the air travel sector. The airline operates out of its base at Mumbai and operates flights to global destinations, and is a preferred choice of those looking for cheap flights especially to India.

Tier I - King Red

King Red is the first tier of membership under King Club. One can qualify for King Red by earning 3,000 Status Miles, 6 Sector Points, or 4,000 Partner Miles in a preceding 1 year period. Long distance travellers such as those departing London on flights to Mumbai can easily earn these points to qualify for King Red. Here is a list of the privileges for King Red members.

  • Web check-in bonus (250 King Miles)
  • Personalized baggage tag
  • E-ticketing / Mobile ticketing bonus (500 King Miles)
  • Earn King Miles on Kingfisher Airlines and select partners
  • Permanent membership card
  • Earn King Miles for shopping at our in-flight Duty Free
  • Redeem King Miles on Kingfisher Airlines, select partners and Air Boutique ONLINE

Tier II - King Silver

King Silver members are entitled to all the benefits of King Red tier and some additional privileges as well. To reach this tier, one has to earn 60 Sector Points or 30,000 Status Miles over the span of a successive 12 month period. With 3 timeframes for calculating the retention status of this tier, one can easily re-qualify to King Silver. These timeframes are winning 54 Sector Points in preceding 12 months, 72 Sector Points in preceding 18 months, and 84 Sector Points in preceding 24 months. The key features of King Silver are as follows.

  • 15% Tier bonus
  • Personalized baggage tags
  • Redeem King Miles on Air Boutique ONLINE
  • 1 Upgrade voucher
  • Priority baggage assistance
  • Priority check-in (Domestic Airports only and subject to availability)
  • Domestic Lounge Access (for travel on Kingfisher First / Kingfisher Class and subject to availability)
  • Excess baggage allowance

Tier III - King Gold

The King Gold Tier offers a world of extra privileges. Qualifying as a King Gold member necessitates winning 84 Sector Points in a preceding 6 month period and 120 Sector Points, or 60,000 Status Miles in a preceding 12 month period. Passengers can retain membership by winning 108 Sector Points in a preceding 12 month period, 144 Sector Points in a preceding 18 month period, and 168 Sector Points in a preceding 24 month period. King Gold passengers get the following facilities.

  • Nominated travel coordinator
  • Personalized baggage tags
  • Redeem King Miles on Air Boutique ONLINE
  • One additional Domestic Lounge voucher for your companion
  • Priority Boarding
  • Three Upgrade vouchers
  • Guaranteed Seat Reservations subject to certain terms and conditions.
  • Excess Baggage Allowance
  • 25% Gold Tier bonus
  • Priority Baggage Assistance
  • Access to Domestic and International lounges subject to availability

Tier IV - King Platinum

This is the top most membership tier and is crammed full of benefits. The two timeframes for qualifying to this status are winning 180 Sector Points, or 90,000 Status Miles in a preceding 12 month period and acquiring 126 Sector Points in a preceding 6 month period. King Platinum has three timeframes for calculating tier retention. These are winning 162 Sector Points in a preceding 12 month period, winning 216 Sector Points in a preceding 18 month period, and winning 252 Sector Points in a preceding 24 month period. Here are some of the features exclusive to King Platinum status.

  • 35% Tier bonus
  • Waiver of Cancellation and Rebooking fee on published fares
  • Five upgrade vouchers
  • 50% discount on companion redemptions in Kingfisher First
  • Non expiry of King Miles
  • Personalised & exclusive section in Air Boutique ONLINE
  • Complimentary Companion King Gold Membership card

The 5 star airline may not be considered by those flying to global destinations as one offering consistently cheap fares but those on flights to India would definitely reap most benefit due to the Indian origin of the airline clubbed with its highly rewarding loyalty program. Further details on the program can be accessed by visiting the link

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