Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ideal Time to Catch Flights to Delhi

Delhi is brimming with tourists all year around. However, it is best to be aware of the city’s notorious weather as it gives you an edge while planning for Delhi holidays. Hop on to the flights to Delhi when the weather is best and the place is buzzing with life.

The diversity of the enigmatic city of Delhi peeps through every aspect of the life, be it people, culture, lifestyle, architecture, shopping or food. And the varied climate of the city further intensifies this particular trait of the city. The winter chill of the city can be as frigid as the Himalayan peaks while the peak summer temperature can easily shoot above 40°C and make the scorching heat of Rajasthan seem pleasant. The monsoons of the city are not to be left behind and can bring the notorious Delhi traffic to a standstill with the flooding roads.

Even with such atrocities of weather, Delhi is one city that is a hit with the tourists throughout the year. Having said this, tourists are well advised to be acquainted with the moody weather of the city well before boarding flights to Delhi as one would not like to be struck in a five hour long traffic jam caused by a flooded street or to have torrid blisters caused by the scorching city heat. Some surprises (shocks) are better avoided!

Summer Season

Delhi’s average summer temperature ranges from 30º C to 45º C. The heat during the summers can be unbearable for many, especially for foreign tourists. The period from May to July is considered as the hottest time of the year. The city’s scorching summers can be attributed to the hot waves in the western part of the country. Such heat waves can be extremely hazardous and one needs to take proper care and precautions during the time. The arrival of the monsoon in the end of July or beginning of August does bring some relief from the frying heat.

Winter Season

Winter season in Delhi is short as compared to the summers. Winters generally start from the beginning of November and continue till February-March. However, irrespective of the duration, the winters in Delhi can be quite chilly. Temperature can plummet to near-zero degrees and the city is often covered under a blanket of thick fog during the season. The dense fog negatively affects the visibility on the streets and the people are well advised to take adequate precautions while driving during night as well as early morning. The afternoons can be pleasant with nice bright sunshine.

Monsoon Season

July generally is the harbinger of the monsoon thunderstorms. The rainy season in the city can stretch till September. The monsoon in the city is often erratic and random with an average precipitation of around 7.5 inches per month. With the end of September, the rain starts tailing off and with it the temperatures also comes down tumbling to something bearable.

Best time to Visit Delhi

The best time to visit the colourful city of Delhi is certainly February-March and September to November. The weather is generally pleasant and ideal for planning outdoor leisure trips.

During the spring season (Feb-March), the city blooms and blossoms into almost a picturesque setting and thus provides a charming sight. Beautiful flowers and green trees greet the visitors and fill their hearts with joy and elation. This is also the time when Delhi becomes a tourist hotspot and cheap flights to India become increasingly difficult to come by. It is best to plan your air travel well in advance to save yourself from spiralling costs on Delhi flights.

The period of September to November is the time of pink winters in Delhi. The weather is perfect for outdoor excursions and the city truly comes into its being during the time. A series of festivities and celebrations on occasions of Diwali, Eid and Dussehra is another added advantage of travelling to Delhi during this period. Those keen to witness the legendary traditions of the country can be most benefited by reserving a seat well in advance on any of the cheap flights to India during this season.

Cricket World Cup 2011

Cricket is big in India and with the Cricket World Cup 2011 being held in the country, be ready to get dazed and dazzled during the period of February to April. Delhi is hosting several world cup matches and this is indeed good news for people planning their Delhi holidays during the time. While Delhi reflects the chaotic charm of India, cricket portrays the energetic charisma of India. Expect fireworks when the two meet at the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Absorb the glory of city’s superb historical monuments along with the eyeball grabbing action on the field.

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