Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cheapest Airfares on Flights to India from UK

There are so many choices available for a tourist travelling from UK to India that choosing the best amongst them can be a difficult job.

Are you searching for the most affordable flights to India? If yes, then it is understandable that you would have been bombarded with options until now. Each and every airline promises of providing the best flight experience at the lowest fares. The marketing and promotion of each and every airline is equally good and this is the reason why they give you a tough time to choose the best amongst the rest.

India is one country which is home to all sorts of tourist hideouts be it historical monuments, clean beaches, dense forests or bustling cities; India has it all. This is the reason why thousands of tourist flock cities all across the country.

Flights to Delhi
The National Capital New Delhi is one of the first cities that come to mind while planning a trip to the most diverse nation on this planet. The city was once home to the mighty Mughals which has left behind a number of majestic historical monuments. You can witness the Mughal architecture at an incredibly low fair of £311 offered by Kuwait Airways.

Flights to Mumbai
But if you are planning to visit the tinsel town Mumbai then you will just have to shed £366. Such low price is offered by one of the most luxurious airline of the gulf i.e. Oman Air.

Flights to Goa
Goa is another tourist destination which has been a hot spot amongst tourists from all across the world. You can easily steal a deal to Goa with Qatar Airways at a super low price of £509. So if you love sun, sand and clean water then Goa is the perfect destination and you won’t get a better deal then the one mentioned above.

Flights to Kolkata
Kolkata is another tourist hub in India which attracts tourists round the year. You can visit the cultural capital of the country at a low fare of £569 offered by the most sophisticated airline Lufthansa. Kolkata is a perfect choice for those who want to witness the rich cultural heritage of the country.

Flights to Bangalore
The ‘City of Nizams’ Bangalore is another very famous tourist hotspot in India. The city is a perfect combination of beautiful archaeological sites and crowded world-class malls. For the cheapest flights to Bangalore you can trust Oman Airways which provide a round trip at a shockingly low fare of £391.

There are so many choices available that the tourists are being spoilt for choice. All the above mentioned flights to India destinations are available from the famous London Heathrow Airport and subject to the availability of the airfares and offers.

Planning wisely will enable you to have an amazing trip to the mystical land of India and that too on a very budgetary price.

Note: The airfares mentioned in the article are taken from Southall Travel and are subject to change according to availability.

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