Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas in India – Trend and Celebration

India is a land of multiplicity and people living at different parts of the country celebrate Christmas in their own manner. Christmas in India is quite like the western countries in some aspects but it still has a flavour of its own.

India is often considered as a Hindu country as Hinduism is the most prominent culture but this does not mean that people living in the country don’t give importance to other religions and festivals. India is a land of diversity; it is a country where all religions are equally respected. This is the one of the basic reasons why Christmas in India is amongst the biggest festive occasions. Christian population is scattered all across the country and all of them along with the non-Christians celebrate Christmas in regional colours. Most markets and malls in metro cities are beautifully decorated which enhances the whole feel of the festival.

But if you want to visit a city which celebrates Christmas just like the Western world does then look no further then Goa. Goa has a well known Portuguese connection and is also home to a large number of Roman Catholics. It is one city which celebrates Christmas quite like the western countries which means that you can easily find a number of people lined up to attend the midnight mass, along with children singing Christmas carols. The entire city is decorated with revelry which makes it the perfect place to be at the time of Christmas.

Another western tradition followed at the time of Christmas in Goa is the use of Poinsettia flowers in decorating homes, cathedrals and churches. It can be said that the Christmas and New Year is the best time for visiting Goa. It is true that Goa is a happening hotspot at the time of Christmas but Mumbai is another city where Christmas is celebrated with a bang. Mumbai is home to a substantial number of Christians and this is the reason why you can easily spot large paper stars lit up with a bulb hanging outside homes. The basic motive of hanging stars outside home is to signify the Christmas star.

As India is a land of diversity hence people from different regions have different customs and beliefs which affect the Christmas celebrations. The North Eastern part of India has been divided in 7 states which include Tripura, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram. Christmas is celebrated by people living in each of these states. Amongst the above mentioned states Christmas in Nagaland is celebrated in a very unique way as there are a large number of tribal Christian communities who perform traditional dances and prepare exotic food. Visiting Nagaland at the Christmas and New Year 2011 season will be a great idea to witness the one of its kind Christmas celebrations.

All in all Christmas is a very special occasion in India and people prepare special dishes for the day. The only difference is that the spicy Indian food replaces western Christmas dishes like Turkey and Geese. The food is one major difference that any traveler from the west will witness because Indian curries and other regional delicacies is what make Indian Christmas special.

Christmas is celebrated everywhere in India and most people enjoy time with their family and loved ones. The festival is quite special to the people living in the country and is celebrated in a unique way which automatically makes Christmas the best time to visit India. Previous year records show that there has always been a substantial rise in flights to India at the time of Christmas which means that people from all across the world love traveling to India at that time of the year. So visit India if you want to celebrate Christmas and New Year 2011 in an exclusive way.

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