Monday, November 29, 2010

Fog and Flight Issues Plague Bangalore Airport

It is winter time again and airports across India are going into overdrive to tackle the inevitable fogs that cloud the skies. Like most other airports, the Bengaluru International airport is also set to put its best foot forward to deal with the situation as fogs are expected to result in massive flight delays. Expressbuzz revealed airport sources as having disclosed that a fog contingency plan has been set aside after a meeting with Air Traffic Control, different airlines operating flights to Bangalore, Meteorological Department, and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

It is noteworthy that last year dense fogs in North India led to large scale rescheduling of numerous Bangalore flights. In fact, every year many travellers who book their flights to India during winters, have to put up with fog related delays in quite a few airports across the country. The fog that surrounds Bangalore airport is called Radiation fog. This year round, the fog was expected to start from 15th November and is likely to last till 15th February 2011.

Airport sources were quoted as saying ‘We are anticipating morning fog up to February and flight operations are expected to be hampered," said an official who did not want to be identified. "Keeping this in mind, we have directed all airlines and airport partners to undertake steps to minimise the inevitable difficulties that passengers will have to face.’ For passenger convenience, airport initiatives include sending SMS updates on flight status and flashing fog related news on LED screens at the airport

Anyone, who has booked cheap flights to India and has plans of travelling to Bangalore, should be well informed about the fact that fogs during the wee hours delays 1215 flights, which creates a backlog of airborne flights as well as those on the ground. This in turn delays 4042 flights on a daily basis revealed the source.

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