Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Qantas, Unions Fail To Reach Agreement

The stage is set for the Fair Work Australia to wield its wand and take the pain away from Qantas Airways, unions and the travellers. That’s right! Qantas and the warring unions are unable to reach any peaceful accord within the stipulated timeframe and now the Australia's industrial umpire will flex its muscle and offer an obligatory settlement.

Late on Monday, negotiations between Qantas and the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA) were unable to bring forth any pleasant result. As a result ALAEA is forced to join pilots, baggage handlers and caterers in opting for a resolution to be determined by Fair Work Australia.

If industry insiders are to be believed then this is perhaps the best case scenario for Qantas Airways, an airline whose name perhaps comes to the mind first when people think of booking flights to Australia. No side can take industrial action while the arbitration is ongoing. The airline would be comforted that there can be no more travel disruptions, at least in the near future. In October, Qantas was forced to ground its entire fleet resulting trouble for domestic as well as international travellers on flights to and from Australia.

Following the episode, Qantas tried every trick in the book to attract travellers - be it offering cheap flight tickets or even free air tickets! While cheap flight tickets were offered in general, free tickets were provided to those affected by fleet grounding.

With peak holiday travel season coming up, it becomes all the more prudent for the airline to woo customers.

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