Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Normality Returns As Qantas Flights Take To the Sky

Qantas Airways says everything is normal! Yes, one of the world’s largest airlines that grounded each and every flight just two days ago says everything is normal.

The airline stated that its flight schedule was back to normal from Tuesday morning. It also said that the remaining backlog of travellers that ensued because of the fleet grounding is expected to be cleared up by afternoon.

Travellers around the world were left high and dry as the Australia’s flag carrier decided to put a halt to its operations on Saturday. Airports in Australia wore scenes of chaos as travellers pressed the panic button when they found that none of Qantas flight will take off. Those with cheap flight tickets with Qantas were perhaps most badly hit as budget travellers book much in advance with the airline that is not exactly known for offering cheap tickets on its flights.

Government interference and an Australian court ruling put an end to 48 hours of travel chaos.

On its part, it seems that Qantas Airways was fed up of the never-ending string of strikes that caused huge losses and huge embarrassment for the company in last few months. Unions representing pilots, aircraft mechanics, baggage handlers and caterers are engaged in a bitter dispute with the airline over off-shoring of jobs and other issues.

Qantas Airways hopes to turn the tide in its favour by attracting passengers by reducing airfares on its flights, as per reports.

The airline really needs to turn into a Santa if it wants its own Christmas holiday season to be a good one!

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