Friday, November 11, 2011

Kingfisher’s Flight Cancellations - Travellers Left in Lurch

Problems keeps on mounting for Kingfisher Airlines and more so for travellers! Indian carrier, Kingfisher Airlines has grounded more than 30 flights on Thursday, 10th Nov.

The cash-strapped airline has cancelled flights for fourth consecutive day now, making it really hard for travellers all over the country. Airports witnessed scenes of utter chaos as passengers moved from pillar to pillar to gather some sort of reliable information in regards to their flights.

Budget travellers who book tickets in advance to net cheap flight tickets were perhaps the most disappointed lot as flight after flight failed to take off from different parts of the country.

There is no respite for Kingfisher Airlines as reports of more than 30 pilots and crew members of not reporting for duty in the past few days do the rounds. A section of Indian media also claims that some 100 pilots had quit the airline in past few weeks.

To add to the woes of the carrier, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has sent a show-cause notice to Kingfisher as to why the airline had not taken the regulator's prior approval before cancelling its flights. The DGCA has also asked the Indian carrier to furnish information as regards to steps taken by the airline to take care of the passengers affected by flight cancellations.

Flight cancellations have also triggered off a surge in air fares on popular routes. Cheap flight tickets are hard to come by for travellers in the current scenario.

Travellers are compelled to rebook on other airlines paying a premium of 20-40 per cent at the last moment.

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