Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Simple Tips for Netting Cheap Flights to Mauritius

Boasting paradisiacal scenery and countless tourist trappings by way of beaches, colourful marine life, mouth watering food, and an overwhelmingly friendly population, Mauritius is a hot favourite holiday getaway. Read some easy tips on booking flights to Mauritius.

The Internet is full of comparison sites on cheap flights to Mauritius. In fact, the destination is a major competitive route and airlines fall over each other to lure travellers. Make sure that you make an exhaustive use of these flight comparison sites before booking your tickets.

The cost of flight tickets to Mauritius are likely to be low during the months of December to March as this is not the best time to visit the place. But many travellers do plan their travel during off season for cutting costs.

Usually, budget conscious travellers would go for multi leg flights connecting at one or more stopovers enroute.

Booking a package deal including ones flights to Mauritius as well as hotel works out to be much cheaper than booking these elements separately. However, it is highly advisable to book package holidays to Mauritius from expert travel agents and thoroughly scrutinise the terms and conditions of the deal.

Subscribe to email alerts on the destination. Air Mauritius and many of the other airlines serving the destination come up with special deals on Mauritius from time to time.

As the saying goes, ‘the early bird gets the worm’, make sure that you book your flights to Mauritius well in advance.


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