Thursday, March 3, 2011

Grab Flights to Mauritius & Explore a Gourmet Heaven

Perhaps the first things that comes to every mind when one thinks about Mauritius holidays is the incredible beaches and spectacular natural beauty. While such imagery is absolutely justified given the presence of mesmerising beaches and natural wonders in the nation, it is also true that because of its unbelievable beauty other facets of Mauritius are not completely explored or talked about.

Food is one such feature that has been overshadowed perennially by other country attractions. Move inland a little and you will stumble across a culinary heaven that has been largely ignored by the tourists. From cheap street side eateries to super luxury restaurants – flights to Mauritius on airlines will offer you an access to a plethora of dining options!

Mauritius Food Overview

Mauritius has a highly evolved culture which has influenced various aspects of the nation, including the food. Best of the restaurants in the country are known to keep their food culture relatively pure, however it does not mean that such eating joints are devoid of subtle local touches and exotic influences. Mauritius also boasts of restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines to suit every kind of taste bud unlike the above mentioned specialty restaurants.

Cheap food is also available in the country that is sure to complement your tickets on cheap flights to Mauritius. Follow the locals and head to street side joints where you can gorge on the tastiest food in the country.

Visit Mauritius and experience a gourmet delight that is sure to leave you satisfied, happy and of course stuffed!

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