Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Flight to Hong Kong Took Me to a Land Of Wonders

After my two visits to Hong Kong, I have started to consider myself some kind of expert on the city. So, let me enlighten and enrich you with some of my treasured tid bits on the city that never sleeps (which city sleeps by the way)!

If you are a tourist or a potential tourist or some idler who is just fascinated by Hong Kong, the following information might be highly beneficial for you after you have booked your flights to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong provides an opportunity to experience the fantastic fusion of eastern and western cultures – from style and shopping to an array of cuisines. While the city’s bright neon lights and soaring skyscrapers reminds one of the rapid development the region has witnessed, the temples and colonial buildings speak (scream, rather!) of its glittering past.

Smaller islands that surround Hong Kong are the perfect places for anyone who wishes to seek the spiritual splendours of this orient destination. The Po Lin Monastery on the island of Lantau holds one of the worlds’ largest statues of Buddha and remains a top attraction for devotees and holiday makers alike.

Victoria peak is another popular tourist delight that is responsible for making cheap flights to Hong Kong such a prized commodity! Get on the mountainside tram that leads up to Victoria Peak and get acquainted with perhaps the world’s best view of a skyline!

Enjoy your trip to Hong Kong and experience a city that was meant to be a top holiday destination from the beginning of its existence!

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