Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lovely Pakistani Destinations

Pakistan and tourism may not ring a bell with most travellers. However, with famous cities like Lahore and Peshawar, this cheap exciting country prompts quite a few adventure loving tourists to fix their travel plans. Here are some of the cities worth buying airline tickets to.


Most visitors booking flights to Pakistan tend to visit Islamabad. This is said to be the cleanest cities in the country and is full of numerous lakes and gardens. Islamabad also serves as the site of the world famous Hindu and Buddhist religious spot of Taxila. With one of the busiest airports in the country, one also stands better chances of bagging cheap flights to Pakistan by booking tickets for Islamabad.


This hot Pakistani travel destination is another good choice for cheap flights to Pakistan as numerous airlines serve the city’s famous Jinnah International Airport. However, cheap tickets are not the only lure for connecting to Karachi on flights to Pakistan. The city offers ample tourist attractions such as city centre shopping, lip smacking cheap food at the Khadda Market, Boat Basin, and Burns Road food stalls. Karachi is also famous for its numerous beaches, with a very popular one being the Hawkes bay beach.


Peshawar has the potential of becoming a major tourism hub for the country. The city is full of interesting hotspots and also serves as a transit point for Afghanistan. The most endearing places in Peshawar include Bala Hisar Fort, Peshawar Museum, and All Saints Church. Peshawar is also well connected with Lahore.

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