Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Luxury train journey across India 'an incredible odyssey'

One travel journalist has written of the "incredible odyssey into India's past" that he experienced on one of the country's luxury train rides.

Writing for the Guardian, Sarfraz Manzoor described his week-long trip on the Golden Chariot that took him from Bangalore to Goa.

People booking flights to India may want to consider the journey as part of their itinerary on a visit to the country.

Mr Manzoor visited historic locations, such as the ruined city of Hampi, the palace in Mysore and the spectacular statue of Jain saint Bahubali in Shravanabelagola.

Passengers on the train also had the opportunity to go in search of the elusive tiger on a safari in the Nagarhole National Park.

Although he did not see any tigers, Mr Manzoor did find an elephant: "An elephant, its trunk dressed in leaves, emerged as if from a dream. I had never seen elephants in the wild before and it reduced me and everyone else to silence."

The Golden Chariot makes four stops – Mysore, Hassan, Hospet and Gadag -between Bangalore and Goa.

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