Thursday, December 31, 2009

Boarding pass problems 'may irk those on flights to Thiruvananthapuram'

Those people planning to book flights to Thiruvananthapuram in the near future may wish to double check that they have printed off their boarding pass before travelling to the airport after the publication of new research.

According to accommodation provider Jurys Inns, forgetting to do this - and then incurring a charge at the airport as a result - is one of the most annoying things that business travellers encounter on their trips.

Other things that were found to be particularly irritating by the survey included dim bathroom lighting that does not allow for make-up to be applied efficiently and missing breakfast due to early business meetings.

Forgetting to take a mobile phone or BlackBerry charger - meaning that the device becomes useless once the battery has run down - also made the ranking.

In recent days, Thomson and First Choice predicted that warmer destinations are likely to attract an increased number of customers next summer.

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