Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holidays to India 'a top choice' for 2010

Anyone booking flights to India next year may be pleased to hear that the country has been chosen as one of the ten best places to travel to in 2010.

World Travel Guide highlighted Delhi as a particularly good choice as the city is set to host the Commonwealth Games in October next year.

As a result of the forthcoming sporting event, authorities have made a number of improvements to city's infrastructure and have resolved to teach basic English to workers in the hospitality and transport industries.

The online guide also recommended that visitors looking to escape from the chaotic urban environment should take a trip to the seaside state of Kerala.

"Away from the urban sprawl, this is a vast and diverse land, with tranquil beaches, parched deserts and fresh mountain retreats," the website stated.

The Commonwealth Games, which are taking place between October 3rd and 14th, will showcase international athletes in events such as archery, cycling, wrestling and table tennis.

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