Friday, February 24, 2012

New Premium Lounge at Auckland Airport

The news of the launch the New Zealand's first premium lounge facility at Auckland Airport has brought big cheers for the travellers. The lounge will cater all international travellers despite of the carrier they are flying with.

This newly opened Emperor Lounge offers amazing alternatives even to the flyers who don't have an airline lounge membership but want to enjoy the high-class lounge facilities.

The lounge will not only serve the business class passengers but will also be open for those booking tickets for cheap flight to New Zealand and landing at Auckland.

As per the Internet sources, the lounge offers an array of options to relax to the international flyers before they board their flights. The lounge is brilliantly equipped with all the services and conveniences of a usual travel lounge and is located just next to other airline lounges and retail areas.

Auckland has been quite a popular holiday destination that receives hordes of travellers planning air travel and booking cheap flights to New Zealand every year. However, this new lounge will definitely carry forward the award-winning status of the Auckland Airport for providing the best facilities and options for passengers.

Other marvellous facilities of the lounge such as freshly-made light meals and snacks, flattering drinks including wine, beer, coffee and a range of teas, shower and bathroom facilities, and free Wi-Fi access are winning the admiration of not only the travellers on business trips but also of those on leisure holiday tour.

Many international carriers such as Malaysian Airlines that do not own a dedicated on-site lounge are also using this premium lounge to cater their business class passengers.


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