Friday, February 17, 2012

Amazing Eco-Friendly Activities In India

Enigmatic India offers a wide range of mesmerizing attractions attuned together to inspire awe. It is surely a diversity of natural splendour, history and culture that tempts thousands to plan eco-friendly tours here.

No matter which region one explores, almost every corner is laden with overabundant opportunities for tourists taking flights to India. Those taking flights to the country can choose to partake in a wide range of eco-friendly tourism activities in India.

With turquoise beaches, innumerable National parks and wildlife sanctuaries, cloud-kissing hills, the range of diversity of India’s natural heritage is matchless. Whether one hops on a flight to India to explore the Himalayan glaciers of Ladakh or plans to travel to the country to relax in one of the many spas in Kerala or enjoying the arduous trekking in Garhawal or taking a desert camel safari trips in Thar desert of the country, India’s eco-friendly holiday spots are pervaded everywhere.

India is renowned for Ayurveda. Being in conjunction with nature, Ayurveda has gained momentum in recent times, such that an increasing number of tourists book tickets on cheap flights to India to undergo and experience the magic of Ayurveda.

Camping is one of the most sought after holiday activity for those travelling with eco-friendly pursuits. With varied topography, India is a compelling camping destination. No wonder, thousands of adventurers catch cheap flights to India for camping adventure.

This enigmatic country is perhaps the best place in the world to learn and practise yoga. No wonder, travellers happily spend their money on tickets to India to gain more information on yoga.

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