Thursday, February 16, 2012

Air India Braces Up for Stiffer Competition

As per the announcement made by the Indian civil aviation ministry, the state-run Air India will now share its rights on bilateral traffic with other Indian private carriers.

Though the news has brought big cheers for the private carriers seeking to expand overseas routes, it has left Air India twisting in the wind!

AI is the first choice of many travellers for taking air travel ex-India or for booking flights to India. But with the launch of the new deal, the airline will face severe competition from other private carriers including IngiGo, SpiceJet and Jet Airways to name a few.

On the contrary, with the increase in the frequency of flights on international routes, the holiday makers besides enjoying a wider choice of airlines may also benefit from cheap flight tickets easily. Even the international passengers questing for flights to India will have a numerous options to choose from to travel to India.

The Indian domestic carriers who are eager to commence more flights on International routes are highly optimistic with the new agreement.

For example, Spicejet, an economical airline known for offering cheap flight tickets is trying awaiting permission to start flights to many other International destinations including Male and Dhaka. The airline currently operates flights to destinations like Colombo and Kathmandu.

The announcement made by the Indian civil aviation ministry will make Air India to pull up their socks with private carriers breathing down the neck of state-owned carrier.