Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Expect More Flights to Sri Lanka as US Lifts Warning

The Sri Lankan Government says all is well in Colombo now and that tourists can safely visit Colombo this summer. Colombo has always been able to attract sunbathers from the west and a major chunk of the visitors constitute the tourists from the UK. Every year, in the summer, the holidaymakers seek flights to Colombo to experience some of the best sun sand and surf.

Given the occasional violence erupting now and then between the Sinhalese majority and Tamil minority, lives had been at risk for both the Sri Lankans and its visitors as well. The US Government had earlier advised its citizens against travel to Sri Lanka on the grounds of security. After the Sri Lankan Government’s victory over the separatist Tamil militants, the Sri Lankan Government has asked the US Government not to dissuade its citizens from visiting Colombo.

It has been one year that Sri Lanka has had no US tourists and now on the request of the Sri Lankan Government the US Government has lifted its warning. Sri Lanka’s hospitality and delicious cuisine have always pleased its visitors and have remained a major attraction for the UK and the US tourists.

Western tourists have always enjoyed the Sri Lankan summer by sipping on freshly tapped palm wine (palm toddy) or Ceylon tea. If you are looking for some great sunshine and salubrious weather then book cheap flights to Colombo at the earliest before the cost of the tickets spiral up.

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