Friday, January 1, 2010

Tour to India - A travellers resolution for 2010

Spread across multiple longitudes, India is an ideal destination that showcases countless experiences to its visitors. Rolling meadows, snow-laden tops, sandy beaches, peaceful backwaters, India is a land where you can locate a unique combination of scenic landscapes and enchanting cities.

Be it the lovely beaches of Goa, the peaceful backwaters of Kerala, turtle nesting beaches of Andamans or the scenic hill stations of Coorg, Darjeeling, Kodaikanal, Manali, Nanital, Ooty, Shimla; tourist have many alternatives to enjoy a blissful holiday in India. The sheer range of entertainment, adventure and water sports alternatives one can indulge in is phenomenal.

Book your flight to India during the peak October to March season and as you embark on an exploratory tour of India you will be captivated by the sheer beauty and architectural brilliance of the forts, palaces and museums built during the medieval era. Stunning marble-white buildings with shimmering blue water pools, stone columns engraved with intricate carvings, decorative staircases with lamp streaming through the windows, the architectural splendour of the massive tombs, the valour displayed in its forts and the stunning elegance of its palaces are sure to enlighten you with the ebb and flow phases of the country’s prowess in the past.

Ancient temples which dot India’s landscape stand as gleaming instances of India’s cultural ethos and have weathered the ravages of time across a millennia. Embellished with awe-inspiring designs, several of the ancient temples have continually redefined temple architecture during their times. Take time to visit some splendid temples like Sun Temple at Knar, Khajuraho temples, Ajanta Caves, Brihadeshwara Temple and the Sanchi Stupa which have not merely found a position in the World Heritage menu but also stand as instances of India’s wealthy architectural heritage.

While on a tour of India take the time out to examine the sculptures and embellishments carved on these temples which would disclose interesting insights. The mausoleum of Mumtaz Mahal in Agra or the Taj mahal is one of the architectural marvels of the world. The spell binding beauty of this grand mausoleum in white marble is sure to mesmerize your senses.

Venturing down south one can experience the beauty of the peaceful backwaters of Kerala and if time permits one can opt for a soothing, reassuring massage treatment at an Ayurvedic resort in Kerala. India, in my experience, is one place which shall brighten up your spirits and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

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