Saturday, January 9, 2010

Delhi Metro – New Delhi Attraction

Being a microcosm of people from all nationalities, Delhi, in recent years is reinventing itself into an international city. One of the ingredients which make the city a truly world class city is the Delhi Metro. Commuters in Delhi never had it so good. They now have one more commuting option to travel in national capital territory - an option that is safe, comfortable, environment and pocket-friendly.

Metro has come as a blessing with the 2010 Commonwealth Games, which the city is hosting, being just round the corner. The Metro system is as much a boon to the tourists for exploring the city as it is for the city’s denizens to meet their daily travel needs. Built in keeping with the international standards and using the cutting edge technology from across the globe, Metro has put Delhi in the league of world cities which have a smart, efficient and eco-friendly transport system.

Since independence, dependent on the creaky transport system offered by Delhi Transport Corporation, Delhi administration moved towards privatisation with the introduction of bluelines. The transition was like going from the frying pan to the fire as Blue line buses proved to be lethal for the safety of passengers. Driven by greed, blue line drivers had scant regard for the safety and security of pedestrians and passer-by’s.

Metro has provided a new lease of life to the city and a breath of fresh air to those who wanted a quick and fast mode of transportation. Slickly designed trains slicing through the heart of the city is a sight to behold.

The metro has provided the much needed relief from the clutches of Blue lines for those who cannot afford their own means of transport. In fact, the metro has been built in response to a cry from environmentalists who insisted that there was an urgent need to shift masses from private to public transport if the air in the city had to be clean, healthy and fit for humans. The Delhi Metro, is one of the few steps towards making Delhi a cleaner, greener city which we all will be proud of in the times to come.

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