Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things to do During Easter

Easter, the triumph of good over evil and life over death heralds the advent of spring after a long bleak winter. Almost every school breaks up for a long Easter vacation, making it the perfect time to plan your holiday getaway. It may be a good idea to hop on to one of the flights to India, especially because spring is the best time to explore this religious mystical country’s world famed mountain destinations.

If travel is not on top of your mind, there are myriad other ways to celebrate Easter. Remember those days, when you went hunting for the colourful Easter Eggs that your mom hid in the garden! Easter vacations are the perfect opportunity to recreate those times with your kids. Nowadays, you can even buy candies shaped like Easter eggs.

One can plan a traditional Easter breakfast of boiled eggs along with other families or a lavish dinner with the highlight being the scrumptious roast lamb and baked potatoes. For tea, don’t forget the mouth watering Simnel cake complete with the eleven marzipan balls representing Christ’s eleven true disciples.

Those who would prefer outdoor pursuits can head to any part of the country for a bout of hilarious or unique Easter celebrations – be it the horse parade in Ardingly, West Sussex, the colourful Nutters Dance in BACUP, Lancashire, World Coal Carrying Championship in Gawthorpe, Yorkshire, the Uppies and Downies game in Uprington, Cumbria, Egg jarping in County Durham, or the Hocktide Festival in Hungerford, Berkshire.

A tip for those who have accepted my advice of exploring the mystical land of India this Easter would be to include in their itinerary a visit to the enchanting seven-sister states of the north east which boast a combination of an interesting culture and immense natural grandeur. Also, book your cheap flights to India now as you would find numerous airlines offering cheap fares.

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