Monday, January 30, 2012

Qatar Airways Pleases its Fans

Qatar Airways fans who until now missed the Doha based airline’s premium hospitality in the UK can rejoice as the airline has opened a new lounge at Terminal 4 of the London’s Heathrow Airport. Well, the lounge is only for the airline’s first and business class passengers!

Interestingly, the lounge resembles a boutique hotel and boasts swanky delicatessen, Signature Martini bar, private shower services, heated floors and mirrors, toiletries, free Wi-Fi network for utmost comfort to those booking tickets for flights to London.

The airline also announced raising the number of flights on the Heathrow- Doha route from daily four to five from March 25. So all those late bookers who were aiming for booking cheap economy class tickets on flights to London for Olympics 2012 do have a chance!

Qatar to Become First Dreamliner Operator

Tickets on flights to London may further get cheaper with Qatar Airways, for it is planning to be the first airline to operate Boeing 787 from the UK (London as its first destination outside the Gulf). That, if the airline makes mind to pass on the fuel cost savings from it’s highly fuel efficient Dreamliners to travellers in the form of cheap flight tickets. The airline gets its Dreamliner this coming summer.

Not just fuel efficient, flight aboard Dreamliner means more space and more comfort with higher seat pitch, even for those buying economy class cheap flight tickets.

The airline will also serve one of its five daily flights on Heathrow-Doha sector with Deamliner. The 787 flight to London will feature plenty of economy seats due to its bigger size and two class configuration.

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