Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Must Visit Places for those Taking Flights to India

The wealth of diversity makes India a popular destination among travellers from all over the world. Be it exciting city break holidays or calm and tranquil getaways, spectacular beach holiday or adventure in the snow clad mountains – India presents innumerable possibilities and stuns all and sundry.

Cultural enthusiasts taking flights to India can immerse in and discover finer nuances of the country’s deep rooted culture which are reflected in its unique traditions, colourful festivals, arts and architecture, temples, music, cinema and theatre. Delhi is a perfect window to the country’s rich culture and heritage. A number of airlines operate cheap flights to this primary gateway to India.

Mumbai needs no introduction and is a popular gateway to the country. As much it is known for being the commercial capital of the country, it is famous for being home to Bollywood. Primarily, Mumbai lures a number of travellers on cheap flights to India for a thrilling experience at its sprawling beaches, stunning Victorian architecture or for a quick city break before heading to Goa.

Goa, the country’s premiere beach destination is the perfect place for sun worshippers, surfers and swimmers with some of the beaches that are second to none in the world. Goa also houses the highly revered St. Francis Church as well as other colonial era draws that continue to lure holidaymakers to its shores.

The land where Yoga originated undoubtedly has the best yoga schools or ‘ashrams’ and at any given time host thousands of western travellers who seek rejuvenation of mind body and soul. Head to Rishikesh in the north to embark on a crash course to de-tox and de-stress yourself. The pious city is also at the centre of all white water rafting activity in the country.

The paradisiacal destinations of the southern state of Kerala promise tranquil retreats that most tourists fall in love with. Kerala is one place that most tourists who travel on air tickets to India have on their itinerary.

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