Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Visa Tips on Thailand

Thailand remains a byword in the sector of Asian travel and tourism. Before setting of on a tour of this amazing land, it pays to take a look at visa and entry requirements for ensuring a wrinkle free holiday. Skim through a few fast facts before finalising your visit.

Those British passport holders who have found cheap flights to Thailand don’t have to wait to book them! British nationals don’t have to get hold of a visa in advance as long as they don’t stay in the country for more than 30 days. A longer tour necessitates a valid visa or extension of stay.

With tourism being an important affair for Thai authorities, visitors booking flights to Thailand should be aware that anyone overstaying by more than 42 days can get detained and be denied permission to enter the country in the future.

Many travellers strive hard to save up enough to fund their flights to Thailand. They must know that overstaying during a visit to the country can result in this effort going down the drain as the fine for this offence is 500 baht for every day of overstay. The maximum fine can be 20,000 baht. The penalty can prove to be much higher than the cost of what one pays on many of the cheap flights to Thailand.

Overstaying can also bring one’s Thailand holiday to an abrupt end as overstaying can result in deportation. The cost has to be borne by the defaulter.

Visas should not be taken from travel agents or visa shops as such visas can be illegal. In fact, one should only acquire a visa from a Consulate, the Thai Embassy, an Immigration Office around Thailand, or an Immigration Officer at a point of entry to the country.

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