Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Witness the thundering glory of the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Apart from the Zimbabwean cricketers what comes to one’s mind about Zimbabwe is the Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. ‘The greatest known curtain of falling water’ which is a must-witness site in a life time, lures many to book tickets to Zimbabwe at any cost. While it tumbles down from more than 100 m high cliff and bangs upon the rocks below, this fall makes an exhilarating sight. The falls, like many other treasures of nature is believed to have a therapeutic effect on ones mind, body and soul.

The Victoria waterfalls have in the recent past experienced a drastic fall in the number of visitors owing to the political tensions in the region. This has resulted in specialist tour operators offering cheap tours to this magnificent marvel of the nature. And the fact that there are plentiful cheap tickets to Zimbabwe swarming the internet, you can look forward to an affordable yet exciting holiday.

The falls straddle the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe and for security reasons travellers often head towards the Zambian side of the falls. However, the Zimbabwean side is where the real beauty and magnificent glory of the falls could be witnessed. The sight of the stupendous waterfalls from atop a helicopter makes for an incredible bird’s eye view. Adventure minded can enjoy a variety of adventure sports such as Flying Fox, Foofie Slide and Gorge Swing around the site of the waterfalls.

During the rainy season the patch around Victoria Falls is flooded and it is difficult to see the foot of the falls and most of its face. Yet the colossal falls, shrouded in the mist, make its presence felt with the constant thundering and roaring sound of sheets of water rolling down the edge of the abysmal cliff and smoky showers rising up in the air – an experience that none other creation of the nature can match. The spray of water emanating from the falls rises as high as 400 meters or more above it and is visible from as far as 50 kilometres.

Zambia's Knife-Edge Bridge, the Victoria Falls Bridge and Lookout Tree are amongst the best vantage points for magnificent views of the falls. The Victoria Falls Bridge affords a breathtaking 360 degree view of both the falls on one side and the sea-green river down the gorge along with shiny black rock and verdant foliage.

The Victoria Waterfall are considered amongst the seven natural wonders of the world and are the region’s prime draw apart from the picturesque lush gardens, national parks and game sanctuaries that boast unique flora and fauna. Don’t wait as now is the right time to book your cheap holiday. There are plenty of travel agents who specialise in booking cheap flights and holidays to Africa and can help lead you to this land of beauty and grandeur.

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