Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book your travel the easy way – Trust a renowned Travel Agent

Every jaded traveller is likely to swear by travel agents, when it comes to flight booking. After all, there are limitless benefits in trusting travel agents to book your flights, rather than unnecessarily bothering yourself with this ticket booking hassle. The insider network of travel agents gives them access to attractive flight deals, which an outsider may never even get to hear of. Airlines sell tickets to travel agents for massive discounts and the agents pick up commissions instead of fees. Simply put, this translates as enormous savings for passengers.

In fact, to give air tickets an iron clad guarantee, it is highly recommended that one should book tickets through travel agents who are members of ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents). ABTA members have to rigidly adhere to ABTA guidelines, which are aimed at maximising passenger benefit. In other words, if anything goes awry, then the travel agent would be there to sort out matters.

Perhaps, the best part of hiring travel agents is that your flight itinerary gets planned by seasoned professionals. For instance, if you are looking for specialised services such as cheap flights to India, then wracking your brains over the Internet may or may not get you the best deal, but a professional travel agent will definitely be able to work out the most suitable option for you. An agent is best suited to help you zero down upon that perfect stopover and the shortest transit. In fact, the Internet may prove too tedious if you try to search flights with more than one halt. Travel agents have a treasure of information concerning flights and can significantly cut down your travel time by apprising you of connecting flight between different destinations.

Passengers with special needs can safely depend upon travel agents for all requirements. Be it pre-arranged wheelchairs or customised on board food options, travel agents take care of all the nitty-gritties.

In case, you book tickets on your own and then need a last minute cancellation, the airline may not be too cooperative with fare adjustment. However, if your travel agent deals with the situation, the scenario changes remarkably because airlines treat agents differently. After all, the agent brings in a high volume of business to the airline. By hiring the services of a renowned travel agent, you can even expect an automatic upgrade which may not be so convenient with the airline.

A travel agent helps keep track of expenditure. The Internet is not too feasible if multiple bookings have to be made. Quite often, credit transactions are found to lack in details. You can also be rest assured that for international travel, one of the most trustworthy sources of information on your health documents, passport, visa and any other paper work is the travel agent.

Overall, the travel agent takes care of every detail of your air travel and makes sure that everything goes smoothly. So, be it cheap flights or just some peace of mind, travel agents always come in handy for your air trip.

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